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How to make Idli Rava | Basics of Cooking | Cooking Preps – Video Recipe

What is Idli Rava?

Rice Rava (or Cracked Raw Rice) is used for various South Indian dishes – Idli/ Arisi Upma/ Kozhukottai (Undrallu) etc. Check 14+ varieties of Idli here. Idli rava (or idli Rawa) is called Akki Thari in Kannada and Biyyapurava in Telugu.

Here’s is a quick way to make homemade Rice Rava that can be used for the purpose. I have taken raw white rice for this purpose. However, the process is the same for any type of rice, only the soaking time varies according to the quality of the rice.

This is a basic kitchen prep, and saves valuable time and money once you have this ingredient ready. Let’s see how to make Rice Rava. I have included a quick video to help this process to be understood better. 


Where is Idli Rava used ? How is it different from Rava / Semolina or Lapsi?

Idli Rava is used to make Soft Spongy Idlis like

On the other hand, Rava / Semolina/ Upma Rava is made from Durum Wheat which is used to make Rava Pongal ,Ragi Rava Dosa, Rava Idli, Upma, Rava Ladoo, Kichadi, Rava Kesari (Sheera), Rava Kanji etc. A coarser variation of broken wheat is called Lapsi / Daliya which is also used to make denser but healthier Broken Wheat Idli, Godhuma Thakkali Upma etc.



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How to make homemade Idli Rava | Homemade Idli Rava | Cream of Rice

This Rava is different from Sooji / Semolina and is used to make soft Idlis / Koxhukattai / Pongal etc..
Course DIY
Cuisine Indian
Keyword Idli Rava, Idli Sooji, RIce Rava, Rice Sooji
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 8 hours
Soaking Time, Grinding Time 15 minutes
Total Time 8 hours 25 minutes
Servings 500 grams
Author Kalyani


  • Bowl
  • Dry Grinder
  • Sieve


  • 3 cup Plain Rice (Can use par Boiled Rice too)


Check out the video embedded below for the complete process how to make this. If you are visiting our channel for the first time, do leave a 👍 and subscribe to our channel. Do leave any comments / queries you may have, and I will answer them at the earliest. Thank you 😊



    1. This recipe can be made with Par boiled Rice / Puzhungal Arisi. In that case, soak for 3 hours only.
    2. This Idli rava is different from Rice flour, and also different from Sooji / Semolina.
    3. This can be used to make soft Idli / Undlige/ Upma Kozhukattai/ Idli rava Upma. All recipes are on this blog.  


    1. Deepa. R. Krishnan

      Nice useful information..

    2. Hey thanks. Guess no more store brought rava for me.

    3. Amina Creations

      fantastic post… very useful..

    4. Anonymous

      Has anyone tried to make Ravi with brown rice? I suppose I'd have to soak the brown rice longer (4 hours).

    5. Anonymous

      a useful recipe. will try it

    6. Good.. Useful

    7. Good.. Useful

    8. Thank you very usefull post.

    9. what size sieve should i use – the one I had gives very fine powder and so makes it mushy when cooked

    10. what size sieve should i use – the one I had gives very fine powder and so makes it mushy when cooked

    11. "Collect all the rice flour & the rava separately. Dry out the rava again in a large bowl for 10 – 15 mins before storing in an airtight container"

      does it mean to mix flour and rawa together and dry out it in large bowl before storing

    12. Very helpful post…

    13. Вася Пупкин

      What is the purpose to wet and to dry?

    14. Mayuri Patel

      5 stars
      What you call idli rava, we call it kanki. Usually used to make a dish called kanki, a yogurt rice dish. Making idli rava is so easy at home. Thank you for sharing how to prepare it at home.

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