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Eggless Sugar free Ragi Banana Bundt Cake

Ragi a.k.a finger millet – a love, hate relationship most kids (and adults) have over their life. Although they say its an acquired taste, mostly its a hate-all kind of ingredient for most of us. Teeming with calcium and other vitals, this millet is often best served to kids and adults (for those who are not used to it since childhood or cant develop a taste for it) in a disguised form. Ragi is an excellent food for #diabetics too since it releases the sugar very slowly into the bloodstream.

For those of us who can take it in any form, this millet presents itself in so many delicious dishes such as

Jaggery Ragi Muffins

Ragi Chocolate Cake

Instant GF chocochip pancakes

Mini Stuffed Ragi Crepes

Vegan Chocochip Orange Muffins


(Do check out for more Ragi recipes and pics at the end of this post…)

So, why are we talking Ragi today? Poonam – the host of this week’s Week #199RagiTales – has chosen this wonderful millet for FoodieMondayBloghop Challenge. I love her blog for two things mainly – the pictures are sooooo vibrant, and her eggless, no-refined-sugar has my attention always 🙂


My kids are on the other spectrum of ragi consumption so its best served in a sneaky , tasty chocoaltey form as Eggless , Sugarfree Ragi Banana Bundt Bread – with no refined sugars, this making for an excellent after-school snack / short break snack box food.



I have adapted Poonam’s recipe wholly with one major change and I must admit it was one of the tastiest Ragi bakes (or sweet bakes, in fact) that I have ever made, if I say so myself.  Thank you Poonam, for an awesomely healthy AND refined-sugar-free and butter free recipe. My mom loved it a lot, and so did the kids (and psst. yes they still don’t know that it contained Ragi, although my elder one did say it was ‘differernt, but yummy’)

Prep time – 15 mins, Bake time – 30-32 mins, Makes – 6 medium sized bundt cakes + 2 largish muffins



What you need: (all measurements are 1 cup = 200ml)

Dry ingredients:

Whole-wheat flour / atta – 3/4 cup

Ragi hurittu (popped ragi flour) – 3/4 cup + 2 tsp

Baking soda – 1/2 tsp

Baking powder – 1 tsp

Salt – 1/8 tsp

Cocoa powder – 2 TBSP + 1/2 tsp ( I used Dutch processed sugar free)

Wet ingredients:

Ripe Banana – 3 largish

Olive oil – 1/4 cup

Curd/yoghurt – 1/3 cup

Vanilla essence – 1 tsp

Jaggery powder- 1 cup

Optional but recommended – walnuts (chopped into tiny bits) – 2 tsp


How to:




Pre heat oven to 180 C. Grease the muffin pans / bundt pans slightly or a large 7 inch pan (and line it).

Sieve the dry ingredients thrice over.

In another bowl, fork down the cut bananas to a puree ,add yoghurt , oil. vanilla essence and whisk till bananas are completely blended. Add the powdered jaggery and whisk again for 3-4 mins till completely dissolved. You should get a honey coloured liquid at this stage.

dust the chopped walnuts in a tsp of the sifted flour and keep aside.

Add the dry mix to the wet mix and fold slowly in batches using the cut and fold method.

Fold in the walnuts gently and do not leave any dry streaks in the flour.

Pour / spoon this batter gently into the greased pan / bundt moulds / muffin moulds.

Bake for 30-32 mins or until a skewer comes out clean.

Rest on a wire rack, unmould when completely done.

Serve warm.

The leftover keeps up to 4-5 days under refrigeration. Microwave for 10-15 secs and serve warm

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  1. Poonam Bachhav

    I am so glad you tried my recipe Kalyani and it did turn out so well that your family enjoyed it thoroughly. Your mini bundt cakes look so perfectly done!

  2. Priya Iyer

    The cake looks just perfect! Such a healthy sweet treat this is, for children and adults alike.

  3. Rafeeda AR

    You remind me that I have some mini bundts similar to this lying unused in my pantry… and what a way to use them! These muffins sounds like a lovely treat…

  4. Ragi cake looks so nicely baked I am sure it must be delicious and nutritious treat for kids.. Loved your collection of so many Ragi dishes..

  5. Vasusvegkitchen

    Yes there will be big fight at my home too, my brother d't like Ragi but mom use to mix it wheat flour dosas secretly, then he like it.Ur Ragi bundt cakes looking very yummy, spongy and perfect. I think after eating if kids know it's Ragi, no probs thy will love to have it ��.

  6. cookwithrenu

    Beautifully made mini Bundt cakes. I like the fact that they are sweetned with Jaggery and banana. A very healthy treat for all.

  7. Ragi Banana Bundt Cakes are looking so cute. Loaded with healthy factor of ragi one should surely try this …. Love these mini shapes particularly !

  8. preethi'scuisine

    Sugar free ragi banana bundt cakes look so good.A healthy and scrumpyious treat . Love the use of jaggery and ragi. Even i have started incorporating ragi in our daily diet.

  9. Love these cute mini bundt cakes and ragi makes it so helathy.

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