June 30, 2012

Hosting Walk Through Memory Lane (WTML) - July edition at this space

Happy to announce Gayatri’s event – WTML (Walk through Memory Lane) all this July here at Sizzling Tastebuds. I guess each one of us has those special memories to go with food, be it an older aunt or mom or even grandmoms dishing out that special dish (or even meal). What better way to remember those lovely moments by posting and linking all those dishes right here at this event. Thanks Gayathri, for this wonderful opportunity

On a personal note, frankly hosting this event now couldn’t have happened at a more appropriate moment for me. I am still filled with memories of my grandmom who passed away last fortnight – a lady whose food evokes the very foodie in me. The gutsiest lady I have ever seen of her age, a lady who hardly finished secondary school, but was so knowledgeable and conscious about things around her. It was a standing joke in the family to see her watching “The Wonder Years” and “Doogie Howser M.D” on television when cable first entered India a couple of decades ago. Mentally alert and active till her end, she ensured she knew about the presidential incumbents in Indian politics.

Such was her grasp over traditional food she could reel off age old recipes in a jiffy with proportions that would never fail you. I do wish I could have recorded some of those recipes somewhere, but I am sure I could never beat that taste and flavour, not to forget the love with which she served anyone at her door – even at the stroke of midnight, when she had unannounced visitors from outside the city, she ensured a 4 – 5 course meal all cooked to perfection.

With that short but overdue eulogy to my lovely grandmom, lets get on to the event now. 

Here’s how you can send (or link) your entries from 1st July – 31st July ‘12.
  • While linking the recipe (using the Linky tool at the end of this announcement), please give a link to this page and Gayathri's Announcement page
  • There are no restrictions for the number of new entries.
  •  If you are linking an archived entry, please update it with the link to this page. 
  • Two entries from the archieves are accepted. 
  • Only Vegetarian recipes accepted. Eggs not allowed.
  • Non-Bloggers can also send in their entries by sending the recipe to my mail ID- momchef77@gmail.com. I will include it in the round up. 
  • What’s more, there is a wonderful gift for one lucky blogger.Gayathri will select an entry through random selection and give away the book for the selected entry. I request all my readers to help me in making this event a huge success.
  • Note that the books Gayathri gives are not sponsored and it is her own contribution to the event. The book she chose is  Rajasthani Cook Book by Tarla Dalal. I am not eligible for the give away.  

On the first of August, Gayathri will select a lucky winner and send a mail. After receiving her mail,you can give an address to which she has to ship the book. She will ship the book within India so if you reside abroad, please give an address in India for her to ship. 

Looking forward to all your entries, dearies ! Keep them coming. If you have any issue linking the entries, do let me know. 


June 26, 2012

Steamed Mixed Dal Vada

It seems like only yesterday when my first taste for fried Dal Vada (or Paruppu Vadai) started... Its my comfort food, especially for festive occassions, when I love to dunk some vadas in piping rasam or bite into the crusty heavenly stuff just out of the frying pan. One more secret I will let into is, I love dipping these fried vadas into Semiya Payasam (Sevai Kheer), however eclectic the combo it may seem .And while I did that, my sis wondered if I had gone bonkers (perhaps you as a reader would also have raised eyebrows, reading this now !! - but the combo needs to experienced to savour the spicy hot - sweet taste)... However, time passed and my ever expanding waistline started telling me I need to look for healthy alternatives to this deep fried delight, and so comes today's recipe - the steamed Dal Vada. 

Like the fried version of Dal Vada, I was introduced to the Steamed Dal Wada (presented today) whenever amma made Paruppu Usli (esp with Kothavarangai / beans). She used to make these lentil cakes (with finely ground lentils) that was hot,spicy,steamed and oil free! How much more healthy can it get ? Your protein intake for the day is quite taken care of by this. I usually also like to re-steam the leftovers and enjoy it the next day with hot piping Milagu Rasam and hot rice. Or drop them in a simmering kuzhambu (tamarind-veggie gravy) for an easy version of Paruppu Urundai Kozhambu ! Slurp J J

So, to make things easy, I made this for an evening snack last week, and we enjoyed it quite a bit.I ground the dal coarsely and the mixture of dals was an experience worth writing about. Sending this to Day 3 of BM # 17 under “Quick Snacks for Kids”. The previous two posts were Eddada (Safed Dhokla) and Couscous Peas TikkiCheck out the fellow marathoners here.

Prep time – 20 mins + 2 hours soaking time
Cooking time – 20 mins
Serves – 3
Accompaniments – any spicy chutney / Tomato Ketchup

  • Mixed Dal – 1 ¾ cups (See notes for more info)
  • Red Chillies – 4 or 5 (less spicy variety)
  • Green chillies – 1 or 2 (adjust spice)
  • Hing / Asafoetida – a generous pinch
  • Turmeric – ½ tsp
  • Coriander / Cilantro & Curry leaves – a nice huge handful
  • Salt – to taste
The following dals were added. These are approximate measurements (and proportion). Vary them according to the taste: Toor dal – 1 cup, Channa Dal – ¼ cup, Whole Urad (without skin) – ¼ cup, Moong Dal (split green gram) – ¼ cup.

1. Mix and wash the lentils. Soak for 2 hours in warm water along with the red chillies.
After 2 hours, drain water thoroughly. Pulse them just once (for less than 20 seconds) along with the red chillies.
2. Drain to a large bowl. Add chopped green chillies (I de-seed them), turmeric, hing, salt, chopped coriander and cilantro leaves and mix well to a wet (but not runny batter). Check salt as dals tend to absorb salt only later – so if it seems like a little less right now when you taste, the better.
3. Steam an idli cooker (or steamer) with adequate water.Lightly grease the plates used for steaming. Divide the batter into equal portions and with slightly wet hands, pat them into small vadai (or flat patties). Place them in the steamer (in batches) without the vadais touching each other.
4. Steam for 10 -12 mins on medium-high flame. Repeat till you exhaust the batter. You should get about 18 – 20 medium sized patties.
5. Serve hot with a dollop of ghee or any spicy coconut chutney / tomato ketchup (for kids).

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June 25, 2012

Couscous Peas Tikki

As someone said, when life hands you a lemon, make a lemonade. Not quite applicable when you have a year's supply of Couscous, and nobody (read me) is interested to eat Couscous Salad ! So, while adding to the health quotient, I planned to use them (Inspired by Harini's recipe) in a Cutlet / Tikki (or a shallow fried Savoury snack) thats so much a favourite of kiddo and all of us at home. Kiddo did indulge in this, and as long she didnt ask what the major ingredient was, I wasnt going to tell her about it...Some secrets are best kept secrets, isnt it?

As this is a kid-specific recipe, I kept the spice content low. But do feel free to add more in case you are serving for a party. Couscous as an ingredient tends to be quite bland, and lends itself quite well to more spice. I added cooked peas and potatoes & blanched carrots to give this more volume, so let your creativity flow while adding any other ingredients you might prefer. Made under 30 minutes, this is a quick snack you can serve at parties or potlucks too. Now, off to the recipe. Sending this to day 2 of BM # 17 under "Quick evening Snacks for Kids". Check out the fellow marathoners here.

Prep time : 15 mins
Cook time : 15 mins
Serves - 3
Difficulty level - Easy
  • Couscous - 1 cup
  • Blanched peas and carrots - 1/2 cup combined
  • Boiled potato - 1 no
  • Bread crumbs - 1/4 cup
  • Salt - to taste
  • Chaat Masala - 1/2 tsp
  • Ginger garlic paste - 1/2 tsp
  • Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp
  • Turmeric - a dash
  • Coriander & mint leaves - a handful each.
  • Chopped green chillies - 1 or 2
  • Red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
  • Oil - to shallow fry

  • Maida / APF - 2 TBSP
  • Warm water - 4- 8 TBSP
  • Salt - just a pinch
  • Roasted Sooji / semolina - a handful

1) Take couscous in a large bowl and pour about 2 cups of warm water on it. Soak for 5-10 mins and drain thoroughly.
2) To the soaked couscous, add the blanched peas, carrots, mashed potato and rest of the ingredients (except oil) and make into patties.
3) Refrigerate for 5 mins in a cling wrap.
4) For the coating, mix maida / APF with warm water and salt to a thick slurry in a shallow bowl.
5) Heat a shallow pan with 4 - 5 TBSP cooking oil (I used olive oil). 
6) Dip each of the patties into the slurry and coat with the roasted sooji. Fry in the pan on medium heat till both sides turn crispy and golden brown.
7) Remove on absorbent paper and serve with tomato ketchup or Jain Green Chutney

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June 24, 2012

Edada or Idada | Safed Dhokla - a yummy Gujarati Snack !

Idada / Edada is a yummy Gujarati snack that I had eaten earlier, but never knew the name. In fact, its soo similar to Idli in texture, but so much thinner and lighter, one could almost call it a marriage of Idli and Dhokla, and therefore also known as Safed Dhokla. The north-south divide with culinary adventures ends thus (hopefully!). I tried this out with Vaishali's recipe, making slight tweaks with the quantity as I was trying this out at home for the first time. 

Thanks Vaishali, it came out well ( I dont know if this is the right texture) and we enjoyed it as a guilt free and wholesome evening snack for kids too as its almost oil free and yummy too. This goes to Blogging Marathon under Kids Snacks , and am sure this is one oil free snack that we are gonna enjoy frequently. Check out the fellow marathoners here.

Prep time - 10 mins( Soak time - 4 hours + Fermenting time - 4 - 5 hours)
Cook time - 10 mins
Serves - 4
Serving Suggestions : Jain type Green Chutney 
Difficulty level : Easy
  • Rice - 2 cups
  • Urad Dal - 1 cup
  • Cooking soda - 1/2 tsp
  • Salt - to taste
  • Green chilly paste - 1/2 tsp
  • Cooked green peas - a handful (optional)
  • Ginger grated - 1/2 tsp
  • Oil - 1 tsp
  • Sesame and Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp each
  • Freshly ground pepper powder and cumin powder - 1/2 tsp each
1) Soak rice and dal for 4 hours. Soak and grind to a smooth paste to an Idli batter consistency.Ferment further for 4 - 5 hours.
2) Add salt ,cooking soda, ginger & cooked green peas. Mix well. Boil water in an Idli steamer or cooker. Grease a thick deep plate with a smattering of oil. Pour 2 - 3 ladles to the flat plate and place the plate in the steamer.
3) Steam for 8 - 10 mins till a tooth pick comes clean. 
4) Cool and cut into desired shapes.
5) For tempering : splutter mustard and cumin seeds in oil and pour on the warm pieces of Edada. Top with freshly ground black pepper powder and cumin powder.
6) Serve as it is or with Jain type Green Chutney

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June 18, 2012

Round up - Fast Food not Fat Food

Thanks a ton to Priya (of Priya's Now Serving) for this wonderful opportunity to host the 45 day edition of the super healthy event  - Fast Food not Fat food - at this blog. While I would have loved to send across more entries myself, a personal bereavement was a rather abrupt stop to blogging, and even visiting friends online.

However, would like to thank ALL my friends who continued to send in their lovely healthy entries to this event, making it a stupendous success... I shall visit you all shortly as I have just come back to semi-active blogging.

Meanwhile, lets take a look at the spread and variety of healthy eats here. Hope you would continue to contribute and support me in the current event on "Healthy Diet - Sandwiches" that is on till July 10th 2012.

Thanks friends, once again for your support !


June 10, 2012

Guest Hosting - Healthy Diet : Sandwiches

Sandwiches are truly my weakness - I can have it anytime , anywhere. More so after moving to Mumbai (my current city) where the variety stumps you thoroughly, and is available starting at just half a dollar (USD). The combinations that goes into these sandwiches are mind blowing : Cheese, veggies, Schezwan varieties that you grab and eat on the go ! And what better incentive than to host Priya's Healthy Diet Event series with "Sandwiches" that goes on floors today ! Thanks Priya, for this wonderful opportunity :)

Before we proceed, a little trivia about the sandwich which celebrates its 250th year of existence (thats a longggg time for any dish to survive and yet be famous, dont you think??) 

sandwich is a light snack prepared by placing different kinds of foods between two pieces of bread. The pieces of bread in a sandwich are referred to as slices or sheets of bread. The snack is thought to have been made first for the Earl of Sandwich, hence the name. A sandwich is not limited to a single layer of filling between two pieces of bread. It can have more than one layers of filling and bread. Each layer of filling is commonly referred to as a "deck". For instance, a single decker sandwich would be the standard two slices of bread and one layer of filling. A double decker sandwich will have three slices of bread with two layers of fillings. A sandwich with only one slice of bread is called an open sandwich or an open-face sandwich. The filling is placed on top of the bread. An open sandwich is often eaten with a knife and fork, although it can be picked up and eaten by hand.
Another form of sandwich is the toasted sandwich. The toasted sandwich can be made from slices of toast instead of bread or the sandwich is toasted whole in an oven or a sandwich presserSandwiches made with different types of bread might be given unique names. A panini, for example, is usually a sandwich on a small roll or loaf which is pressed between two heavy, heated grill plates. Sandwiches can also be called by many other names in different parts of the world such as 'grinder', 'sub', 'hoagie' and 'wedge'. (Source - Wikipedia)

So, do link up your healthy, vegetarian (and eggless) sandwich varieties all month long. You just need to link up your fresh entries using the linky tool (at the end of this post) - do remember to mention this event announcement link as well as Priya's event announcement link mandatorily in your post. Usage of logo is highly appreciated !

In case of issues to link up the same or if you are a non-blogger and want to still send in your entries, drop me a line at momchef77@gmail.com

So, lets beat the summer heat with these light and healthy sandwiches that you probably whip up all the time in your kitchen :) Looking forward to your entries !!


Chikoo Dates Smoothie | Summer Coolers for kids

Chikoo (aka Sapota in Kannada) is my favourite fruit of all seasons, mostly summers. I had to eventually consult wikipedia to know what this fruit is known as in English ! Because for years, I used to call it Sapota, and my non-kannada speaking husband looked at me when I said I wanna have this fruit like he hadnt heard of the name at all ! Of course, this was years ago, when husbands paid attention to all that we spoke and also our wants ! (LoL!!)

"It is known as chikoo ("चिक्कू" or chiku,"चीकू,") in India and Pakistan ("چیکوchiku or "آلوچَہâlucha) and sapota in some parts of India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh), sapathilla or rata-mi in Sri Lankasobeda/sofeda (সবেদা or সফেদা) in eastern India and Bangladeshsabudheli("ސަބުދެލި") in Maldivessawo in Indonesia and saos in West Sumatrahng xiêm (lit. Siamese persimmon), lng mt or xa pô chê in Vietnamlamoot(ละมุด) in ThailandLaos and Cambodia." (Source - Wikipedia)

Today's post is a quick Chikoo and Dates Smoothie you can put together with minimum ingredients, and with just 5 ingredients, slurp away !!

Sending this to BM#17 under "Cooking with Readymade ingredients" (I have used readily available Condensed Milk). Check out the other marathoners here

Prep time : 10 mins. No Cook
Serves - 2
·         Ripe Chikoo / Sapota fruit - 4 nos
·         Condensed Milk (readily available) - 2 TBSP (or more if you prefer)
·         Cold Milk - 1/2 cup
·         Dates - 1/4 cup (pitted)
·         Vanilla Essence - 1- 2 drops
·         Ice cubes - optional

Wash and peel the fruit. Deseed them and cut into cubes. Chill for 1/2 hour (or better still use chilled fruits)
Place the fruits & dates along with the condensed milk and cold milk and puree till you get a thickish smoothie. 
Now add the essence and ice cubes and run the mixer just once more.
Strain and serve in tall glasses for a super summer drink for the kids and your family :)

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June 6, 2012

Winner of the giveaway of Pickles-Preserves Fest + Event roundup !

Oh my my ! What a lipsmacking fest this has been - 38 wonderful entries from across the length and breadth of the country and beyond. For the Pickles and Preserves Fest that was running at this space last 60 days from April 1st - May 31st. Head to the end of this post or click here for the complete roundup and some superb pickles and preserves for your home. Thank you, friends for your entries..

Before we proceed to the winner of this giveaway, it would be unfair not to mention Anjana Chaturvedi of Maayeka who has sent in as many as 5 entries to this event. Anjana - you truly deserve a "Top Contributor award" that is appended here. Please accept the same dear..

And the winner of the giveaway -  Indian Pickles by Tarla Dalal - as chosen randomly is Saraswati Iyer of Sara's Corner !! 

Congrats Sara :-) :-) Please inbox me your Indian postal address to ship this gift. In the event I don't hear from you within 3 days (9th June), I shall pick another winner.

Thanks once again dear friends, and readers herd on to a lip smacking and wonderful array of pickles and preserves here. I also look forward to your continued patronage to the current event (that ends 15th June) - Fast Food not Fat Food running here.


June 5, 2012

Magic Mingle # 6, and the Top Contributor Award for May '12

After a brief hiatus from blogging, feels good to be back :)

And what better enticement than to announce the next challenge for Magic Mingle. The ingredients for this month are Coriander and APF(All purpose Flour). Coriander can be used in fresh (leaves) or dried (seeds) form. APF is All Purpose Flour or also commonly known as Maida.

All vegetarian and eggless entries can be linked by the members only from 5th June - 15th June 2012 using these two as the primary ingredients in their dish. Use the linky tool appended here to link your entries. 

Last month's Top Contributor award goes to Gayatri ! Congrats Gayatri, your (virtual) award is on your way to your inbox, please accept it :) Other members, do link more than 2 entries using these ingredients, and win the Top Contributor award for June '12 - something I am sure you would love to proudly display on your blog :)

Be sure to include the above logo mandatorily in your post. Once you post the entries, do drop in a email to magicmingle@googlegroups.com. For all those members who haven't posted in the last 3 MM challenges (without prior intimation), please note as per the rules we discussed earlier, you would not be part of the group. Such member IDs have been deleted from the mailing list.

For those who wish to join us on this wonderful journey, do inbox me your blog name and email ID to momchef77@gmail.com. 

So, lets get cracking on this month's challenge. Look forward to all your entries.

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