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Guest Hosting – Healthy Diet : Sandwiches

Sandwiches are truly my weakness – I
can have it anytime , anywhere. More so after moving to Mumbai (my current
city) where the variety stumps you thoroughly, and is available starting at
just half a dollar (USD). The combinations that goes into these sandwiches are
mind blowing : Cheese, veggies, Schezwan varieties that you grab and eat on the
go ! And what better incentive than to host Priya’s Healthy Diet Event series with
“Sandwiches” that goes on floors today ! Thanks Priya, for this wonderful opportunity 🙂


Before we proceed, a little trivia about the sandwich which celebrates its 250th year of existence (thats a longggg time for any dish to survive and yet be famous, dont you think??) 

sandwich is
a light snack prepared by placing different kinds of foods
between two pieces of 
bread. The pieces of bread in a sandwich are referred to as
slices or sheets of bread. The snack is thought to have been made first for
Earl of Sandwich,
hence the name. 
A sandwich is not limited to a single layer of filling between two
pieces of bread. It can have more than one layers of filling and
bread. Each layer of filling is commonly referred to as a “deck”. For
instance, a single decker sandwich would be the standard two slices of bread
and one layer of filling. A double decker sandwich will have three slices of
bread with two layers of fillings. A sandwich with only one slice of bread
is called an open sandwich or an open-face sandwich. The filling is placed on
top of the bread. An open sandwich is often eaten with a knife and fork,
although it can be picked up and eaten by hand.

Another form of sandwich is the toasted sandwich. The toasted sandwich can
be made from slices of toast instead of bread or the sandwich is toasted whole
in an oven or
sandwich presser. Sandwiches made with different types of bread might be given unique
names. A panini, for example, is usually a sandwich on a small roll or loaf
which is pressed between two heavy, heated grill plates. Sandwiches can also be called by many other names in different parts of
the world such as ‘grinder’, ‘sub’, ‘hoagie’ and ‘wedge’. (Source – Wikipedia)

So, do link up your healthy, vegetarian
(and eggless) sandwich varieties all month long. You just need to link up your
fresh entries using the linky tool (at the end of this post) – do remember to mention this event
announcement link as well as Priya’s event announcement link mandatorily in
your post. Usage of logo is highly appreciated !

In case of issues to link up the same
or if you are a non-blogger and want to still send in your entries, drop me a
line at [email protected]

So, lets beat the summer heat with
these light and healthy sandwiches that you probably whip up all the time in
your kitchen 🙂 Looking forward to your entries !!





  1. Priya Suresh

    Thanks for hosting Kalyani..Will send my entries soon.

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  5. nice event. even i love sandwiches. wud try to send one soon

  6. Hi Kalyani,

    I just submitted my entry..will post some more too!

    Thanks for hosting the event.

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  8. Going to link my post as well, I love sandwiches!

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  13. Hi Kalyani,

    I have uploaded my recipe to your event. Happy hosting !!

    Do check my blog when you find time.

    Sharan's Samayalarai

  14. Hi Kalyani

    I have linked my subway style veggie sandwich for this event…

    Hope you will consider it!


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    nice event… sent one recipes

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