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How to make Aloo Methi Gobhi – Potato stir fry with Fenugreek leaves and cauliflower | Vegan, GF recipes

Aloo Methi Gobhi or stir fry of potato with fenugreek leaves and cauliflower is a delicious vegan, GF dish that goes well with rotis / phulkas / puris or even Dal-rice. It can also be made sans onion or garlic if one prefers. 

Potatoes are a versatile ingredient that lends itself from multi grain aloo parathas to stir fry to Tehri (a delicious one pot meal),  gravies , as a stuffing in baked bread pakoras  ,dabelis and Dahi Batata Purito this Baked Potato and Chickpea Soup to practically anything. I personally love the Cheesy Hasselback Potatoes and the warm Chickpea Potato Salad.

What do you love your potatoes as / in ?


Requiring about 10 mins of prep time and 15 mins of cook time, this is a great addition to the dinner table as it’s chockablock with nutrition of the fresh fenugreek leaves. I have used fresh fenugreek as I have access to it most days of the year.

You could use frozen fenugreek with slightly varying results . Do let me know how you like this recipe when you make it. Another interesting recipe for Chapati would be this Aloo Shimla Zunka (simple GF, Vegan and low Stir fry of Bell Peppers + potato with Gramflour. Served with flatbreads or rice.)




Prep time –10 mins ; cook time –15 mins ; serves 2~3

What you need:

Potatoes – 200 grams

Fresh fenugreek leaves / methi -1 cup packed 

Cauliflower – 200 grams (cut into bite sized florets)

Onion – 1 medium 

Spices – red chilli powder 1/2 tbsp , dhaniya powder 1 tbsp, garam masala 1/2 Tbsp , amchur / dry mango powder – 1/2 tsp

Oil – 2 tbsp 

Turmeric – a dash 

Salt to taste 

Tempering – Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp, mustard seeds – 1/4 tsp


Please check the video embedded below for the procedure to make it. If you are visiting the channel for the first time, do click on subscribe and the bell icon for further notifications from our channel 










  1. Lovely video! The sabzi looks so delicious!

    Aloo Methi is a big favourite at our place, but I have never tried making it with Gobi. Will definitely try that out next time.

  2. JollyHomemadeRecipes

    Have never tried these 3 ingredients combo into 1 dish. I love this simple sabzi, looks absolutely delicious and just need some hot phulkas to finish this sabzi.

  3. Potatoes and methi go so well together. This curry is favourite of many people. I usually cook the cauliflower separately with methi but this combo is also good. Pairs well with rotis and puris.

  4. I make aloo methi often but have not tried with cauliflower. Sabji looks so delish and would love to enjoy it with some hot rotis. Next time will try with gobi too.

  5. What a lovely combination of ingredients. The curry looks very healthy nad delicious. It would go well with rotis.

  6. My all time favourite sabzi. I love any vegetable cooked with methi.Can be relished with rotis

  7. We love aloo gobi and we love aloo methi. Now having them in one pot sounds like a delicious curry. Perfect with rotis or parathas.

  8. Superduper kitchen

    Have made aloo methi but not with gobi and this three together. It sounds delicious. Would love to have with hot phulkas.

  9. mildly indian

    Classic recipes like this aloo methi are the key to good indian cuisine. I love the fact that you have gobi too, my kids will finally eat this recipe.

  10. I totally love dishes like this. You can have them as side for rice and dal or simply pair it up with chapathi or porotta and scoop it up… I am drooling at that bowl of aloo methi…

  11. Poonam Bachhav

    Never tried adding potato, fenu-greek and cauliflower in one dish. The stir fry sounds delicious and would make a soulful meal with hot chapatis.

  12. I make aloo methi so often. But never used cauliflower with aloo methi. Curry looks so inviting. I would love to have it with steamed rice.

  13. Potato, methi and cauliflower combo sounds so good and looks simple to make . Best comfort dish to relish with chapathi or paratha. Video is so helpful to understand the cooking process.

  14. Vidya Narayan

    Easy, no fuss side dish for phulkas, parathas or dal rice. We love No Onion No Garlic meals at home on most days. Its simple and light on stomach as well.

  15. Potato goes well with anything and this aloo methi with gobhi looks flavorful and will make simple comfort meal with dal and phulka.

  16. What a delicious way to incorporate methi in a meal. Kids just don want to have methi but I am sure they will.eat happily there whole meal if they will get methi in such delicious way. Super simple yet mouthwatering recipe. ????

  17. I make aloo methi often and with gobi this looks even more delicious. Would love to enjoy with some hot hot phulkas

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