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Dry Fruits Milkshake | Healthy Milkshake for kids | Summer drinks

We begin the 2nd week of Blogging Marathon # 28 today, and my
chosen theme is Kid’s Delight Foods – 5 ingredient Fix. Hosted by Pavani,
this event by Vallihas seen many interesting themes,and this dish was kid-approved in a jiffy.

I am not a fruit+milk = milkshake kind of a mom, although its
possibly the easiest way to feed a child with fruits. I feel the texture of the
fruit & the fibre content undergoes a drastic change , not to mention that
according to ayurveda, fruits and milk taken together increases toxicity in the
body, and might lead to chest infections later.

So, coming to today’s dish, its made with just 5 ingredients as
per Pavani’s theme. Its a no brainer and actually requires no recipe per se.
Make any additions to this as per your palate. And treat your kids (and
yourself) with this yummy drink. 


Prep time : 10 mins | No cook | Serves
: 4


Dry fruits : each 25 gms each : Figs
(Anjeer) , Raisins, Almonds (You may use just one of these or many more)

Milk – 250 ml (I used Low fat)

Saffron – few strands

Kesar pista Ice cream – 2 scoops

Pit the anjeer and blanch the almonds
(optional – I used 2 TBSP of home made almond Meal) 

Blend the dry fruits with a little
milk first. When they are pureed, add the ice cream and the rest of the milk
and blend again to a thickish drink with some ice cubes.

Strain and serve chilled topped with
saffron strands




  1. Rani acharyulu

    Nice healthy summer cooler.

  2. Very delicious treat for this summer

  3. vaishali sabnani

    Kalyani..just the same as you.Even I dont like.milk and fruits..but this shake looks healthy and fantastic!!

  4. kausers kitchen

    Oh dear, this looks so tempting…kids will go crazy for this.

  5. Looks just yummy and delicious!

  6. My kid at home read pati who likes only walnuts should be given this with all the dry fruits. Good one 🙂

  7. Suma Gandlur

    Looks yummy Kalyani. can be a perfect thirst quencher if chilled.

  8. Chef Mireille

    so delicious with the ice cream

  9. Nalini's Kitchen

    looks so refreshing,perfect and healthy milkshake for summer…

  10. Looks very pretty and definitely a yummy one!!

  11. Lovely combination and good one for summer.

  12. Perfect for weather..Looks tempting..

  13. That is one delicious looking milkshake. Healthy & nutritious too.

  14. Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen

    ohhh that's lovely!!! sooper delicious!!!

  15. I too read that milk and fruits are not to be mixed. But I do make milkshakes once in a while.This one is great treat for summer!

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