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Classic Dal Jeera | Summer Coolers

The classic Jal Jeera was long pending and with the no-cook theme running this week along with the scorching summers, it made perfect sense to post this. The kids have made this many times on their own, and with store-bought Jaljira powder, its a child’s play, literally. 

The little one in particular likes it coz she’s allowed to have ice cubes in this beverage (which otherwise is not so easy with wriggle out of mom :p). 

Add, mix, Chill and serve – that’s all there is to this beverage. Let’s see how to make it. Hope you liked the other two Zero Cook dishes in this week’s series : 

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Jal Jeera – Vegan, GF, Summer Drink

Prep time – 5 mins, No cook, serves – 4

Ice cold water – 4 glasses + extra ice as required.

Jaljira powder – as required (based on tang and spice)

Roasted Cumin powder – 1/2 tbsp

Crushed mint leaves

Store bought Boondi – for topping

Jaggery – 1/2 tsp per serving (opt. but it balances out the extra tang from the jaljira powder)



Mix the water, jaljeera powder, roasted cumin powder, crushed mint leaves and jaggery. Keep aside for 3 mins, 

Just before serving, add the boondi and more ice as required on top. Serve immediately 

Sending this to Blogging Marathon BM # 100 under No cook dishes and Valli’s Kid’s Delight event hosted by Ritu. 





  1. Jal jeera is a great drink for summer! We love it, unfortunately my son doesn’t. Good that your kids love it!

  2. vaishali sabnani

    I have never tried jaljeera with that powder , but I am sure with the addition of mint , boondi and jaggery it must be great .

  3. MySpicyKitchen

    Boondi addition is new to me. Looks really refreshing and must have tasted wonderful.

  4. Addition of boondi is new to me. I make jal jeera for us, adults but the kids never took to it.

  5. Gayathri Kumar

    This is an easy to make drink perfect for this heat. I love the addition of boondhi. It looks so inviting.

  6. Wow, this is my favorite drink and it looks absolutely delicious ,great summer drink for both kids and adults.

  7. Perfect refreshing drink for summer. It looks so tempting.

  8. Its really wonderful that your kids did this theme, enjoyed all the dishes this week, the girls did a great job!

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