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Rava Kichadi | Masala Sooji Upma

Khichdi. Kichadi : make no mistake – these are two different dishes, made entirely in different ways, although I am presuming one has influenced the other – with a grain base (and sometimes lentil added), and veggies for the crunch and nutrition

Nevertheless, Rava Kichadi in Tamil cuisine means a simple upma with some unique spices and veggies. For us at home, we have ALWAYS been adding veggies in the everyday Upma  and even for Avarekaalu Akki Thari Uppittu (Field Beans Upma with Broken Rice) we use Field beans / Avarekaalu. 

And then we have Rava Vangibhath (Upma with Vangibhath powder with or without veggies) or even the Kharabhath. So, for me personally I had to make this with Bansi Rava (broken wheat rava – fine quality) and present it specially for the BM.  This dish can be served for Breakfast or Tiffin (evening), but I have seen my aunt make this or even Godhuma Rava Thakkali Upmafor their evening dinner too, when they want to skip eating rice or rotis at night. 



Prep time – 15 mins, Cook time – 10 mins, serves – 2

You need:

  • Bansi Rava (fine Durum wheat rava) – 1 cup
  • Ghee / Oil – 3 TBSP (skip ghee for vegan)
  • Chopped veggies – 1 cup (generally carrots + beans + peas are used)
  • Turmeric – 1/2 tsp (opt.)
  • Cinnamon – 1/2 inch
  • Tempering : Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp, Urad dal 1/2 tsp, curry leaves, Chopped green chillies (2), Broken red chillies – 2
  • Onion – 1 medium (opt.)
  • Tomato – 1 medium
  • Chopped coriander leaves & lemon juice – for garnish
  • Ginger – 1/2 tsp grated




How to:

  • Dry roast Rava for 2 mins till aromatic, keep aside. Steam chopped veggies (except onions and tomatoes) either in microwave or steamer till 80% done
  • In the same pan, add oil, make the tempering. Now add the cinnamon, grated ginger, turmeric, onion and tomatoes. Saute till onions are translucent and tomatoes are slightly mushy. Add 2 cups of water and let it come to a rolling boil.
  • Now add the roasted rava and gently mix till there are no lumps.
  • Cook and cover till rava is done. Gently mix, finish with lemon juice and coriander and serve hot.
  • It tastes as it is. I served it with Coconut chutney.



  1. vaishali sabnani

    Well Valli knows how to play her cards .. he he ! Anyways so these Upmas have saved you Kalyani ! Even I use veggies in Upma which makes them healthy , yours though is absolutely traditional and tempting .

  2. Suma Gandlur

    I guess the addition of cinnamon is because it is a khichdi. I prepare it in similar fashion and this is one of our favorite breakfast / dinner options.

  3. Sharmila Kingsly

    Always I do add veggies loaded full gives us a fulfilled meal really…

  4. I too addlits if veggies to Upma. Rava khichdi with veggies looks delicious.

  5. I add veggies all the time and is our typical breakfast and sometimes dinner. I haven't added cinnamon though.

  6. Gayathri Kumar

    My mom makes another version of rava kichadi which has moong dal in it. The texture resembles the rice based kichdi and tastes amazing when served hot. Your version looks absolutely wonderful Kalyani.

  7. Glad you participated in this marathon. This is such a great dish and can't imaging my life without rava kichadi. Between, I made a mistake as well. After posting idli biryani, I realized no batter based dishes. 😉 Arasiyala idulam sahajamappa. 😉

  8. Srivalli

    hahah..Kalyani you are smart and yes our group members are really smart to decipher my rules..:)…so glad you joined us and got us so many interesting ones. And as you said the Khichdi & Kichadi marks all the difference..

  9. cookwithrenu

    This is so true. Even I had given up, as had some other plans, but when she mentioned rava can als o be included, I got a few easy ideas and thought ok lets do it. The rava masala khichdi looks delicious

  10. Rava upma with or without veggies is my and hubby's favourite . We love to have it for breakfasts and even for quick and light dinner.This looks so delicious!!

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