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Low fat Honey Chilli Pepper Wrap

The name sounds long. But its filled
with yummy goodness and is a favourite with kids in a birthday party as well for school lunchbox. Easy to
make ahead, all you need to do is assemble the stuff to serve. You may grill
the same to slightly melt the cheese, else even warm the bread just before
serving. . Addition of mayonnaise is optional, but as we dont eat even the
eggless version at home, I skipped it. 

Also, to make it more spicier you may
add in Red and Green Chilli Sauce and anything else that fancies your palate. So, what are you waiting for? Try this out once,and am sure
you will have your kids come back for more. Makes for a perfect birthday party
snack that even adults can enjoy 🙂 Sending this to Blogging Mega Marathon – Day 3
under “Birthday Treats” theme.

Prep time : 15 mins | Grill time : 5
mins | Serves : 2

Difficulty level : Easy



Long Sub bread / Bread roll – 2 nos

Butter – 1 or 2 TBSP – melted

Cheese – 2 slices

Lettuce leaves – 2 to 3 nos
(washed and wiped)

Tomato slices – 4 to 6

Bell Peppers roundels – 3 to 4

Cucumbers – slit flat and thin – few

Black or green olives – diced thin
(optional – I didnt add)

Honey – 2 TBSP (you could alternatively
use Golden Syrup)

Crushed Black Pepper – 2 TBSP

Salt – to taste

Tomato Ketchup – 2 TBSP + to serve with

Notes: To make a great wrap, ensure all veggies are cut before hand and chilled adequately under a cling wrap – use only as much as required per wrap and refriegrate the rest. Add salt to the sub just before grilling to prevent soggy wraps.



Slice the bread roll or sub bread
lengthwise along one side without separating the halves.

Drizzle honey on the upper half of the
cut portion.

Apply melted butter on the cut

Add tomato ketchup on the same.

Now add the lettuce leaves, tomato
slices, bell peppers and cucumbers. Drizzle adequate salt and black pepper (remember the cheese and tomato ketchup are both loaded with salt, so use moderately).

Now place the cheese slice

Close the roll

Grill slightly on a tava (skillet) or
oven for 4-5 mins till cheese melts a bit

Slice up into bite sized portions and
Serve hot with tomato ketchup




  1. Vimitha Durai

    Perfect for breakfast. Nice one.
    Do link this to my event

    Hudson Canola Oil Giveaway

  2. vaishali sabnani

    Interesting one…and I never make without the mayo…may be I can give this one a shot.

  3. Priya Suresh

    Such a filling wrap, wish i get rite now for my lunch.


    Very healthy Kalyani.. dont mind one!

  5. Healthy Combo…

  6. Aw looks perfect…won't mind to dig into one right now!

  7. Looks like a nice lunchbox recipe! Good one…

  8. such a filling wrap ,shld try with chilli honey

  9. wow such an healthy wrp .. kids will surely love this 🙂

  10. virunthu unna vaanga

    Lovely n healthy wrap dear…

  11. Avery filling sub!

  12. Sandhya Ramakrishnan

    Such a perfect grilled sandwich…My kids would love this. Love the sweetness from the honey.

  13. Gayathri Kumar

    Wrap looks so delicious. With all the vegetables it must be a kid's delight..

  14. Sanoli Ghosh

    Delightful wrap. With veggies, honey absolutely yummy.

  15. Kalyani now I know how prevent my tomatoes from getting soggy. Thanks. This wrap is what the girly will go crazy about.

  16. Nalini's Kitchen

    Healthy and filling wrap with veggies…sounds inviting..

  17. Nice and light. However I would want a little dressing on the veggies. Else it can tend to feel dry and lumpy on the throat. 🙂

  18. Pass me the plate,drool drool.

  19. My kids will love this, even I be big hit for lunch box.

  20. Foodiliciousnan

    why just lunch box or birthday party? I could have it for my snack every day!

  21. Looks absolutely delicious.

  22. preeti garg

    Wow.. love the filling awesome

  23. Looks so inviting.Will be great for a picnic as well…

  24. Such a healthy wrap but nyayame illa Kalyani that you keep tempting us like this

  25. nice for travel… perfectly done… so satisfying and so fufilling..
    Event – Bake Fest
    Event – Celebrate – Summer

  26. Suma Gandlur

    My daughter would have loved to be a guest the day you prepared this. She loves sub sandwiches. 🙂
    Looks very appealing.

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