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Carrot Moongdal Rasam | Rasam Varieties | Can be GF and Vegan

Rasam (aka South Indian light broth) is our go-to dish after heavy meals, a long travel / trips, festival binge eating or even as a quick dish to make when hungry. Some rasam like the garlic pepper Rasam shots or tamatar Shorba are also served as appetisers / soup. As opposed to sambhar , rasams are generally devoid of lentils and are light broths. Fusion rasams like today’s Carrot Moong dal Rasam or Tomato Onion Rasam also are welcome at home.  In Winters or peak of Monsoons, we do indulge in Kollu Rasam (Horsegram Rasam)

In traditional Tambrahm households, Rasam as a nomenclature is forbidden to be used.Sattamudhu (coming actually fromSaatru Amudhu– meaning nectar of food. Rasam is meant to be a flavourful, spice-heavy light broth which has digestive powers, and in a traditional sit-down meal or every day lunches, Rasam always follows a heavy-lentil kootu / sambhar.


Earlier, when I read paruppu rasam on some blogs (no offence meant to anyone here), I was actually amused as in our house rasam is made with paruppu (cooked lentils- mostly for dal) only. My grandmom and mom both made different rasams, mostly with toor or moong dal. 

My grandmom used to insist that the adi-rasam (the thick lentil portion of the rasam) contains more amino acids especially for growing children than just offering us to sip on the telu- rasam (the top portion of the rasam which is more broth like!)


It was only after a few years I learnt that tamarind water , some spices and salt could also constitute rasam. 

Anyways, the husband is not a huge fan of rasam, preferring his vettakuzhambu or sambhar anyday. My FIL and kids however love rasam for every meal. 

Why am I talking rasam so much ? Our friend priya has given us #rasamraga as the theme for foodiemonday blog hop and we are all off to making traditional / fusion rasams this week !

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Today’s an interesting fusion kind of rasam with carrots and moong dal (of course I didn’t tell the kids there was carrots in it). The kids loved it, altho I felt it needed more tamarind , but overall the meal was a hit with rasam, brown rice and a avarekai Poritha kootu (flat beans in a lentil based spicy gravy).

Let’s get cracking :

Prep time – 15 Mins, cook time – 10 Mins ; Serves – 3~4

What you need:

Moong dal / split green gram – 2 handfuls 

Tomato – 1 large 

Tamarind extract – 1/2 cup 

Carrots – 1/2 medium (finely chopped)

Rasam powder – 1 tsp

Salt to taste 

Tempering :

Ghee – 1/2 tsp (replace with oil for a vegan version)

Mustard seeds, cumin seeds  – 1/2 tsp each

Hing / asafoetida – a generous pinch (skip for GF)

Coriander leaves – garnish 



How to:

Pressure cook moong dal with carrot and tomato ???? with a pinch of turmeric for 3 whistles. Once the pressure is released, Add 1 cup of water more and blend to a smooth paste with a whisk or blender. 

In a pan add the puréed lentil mix, tamarind extract, salt, rasam powder and bring to a gentle boil. 

Once the rasam starts frothing on top, switch off (don’t over boil any rasam – it loses its fragrance) 

Prepare the tempering with ghee, splutter mustard and cumin seeds with hing, add to the rasam. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and serve hot.  



  1. We always prepare rasam with toor Dal, so one made with moong Dal is new to me. Great idea to use carrot in it too. 🙂

    Must try this recipe out soon!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Will try moong dal rasam as me and my kids don't like rasam with toor dal, so I make my own versions without lentils and easy spice mix. Tomato Rasam is a favourite and adding carrots surely enhance the nutritional value.Good to know the traditional name of Rasam !!

  4. Poonam Bachhav

    Rasam with moong dal is new to me as well. With added carrots andmoong dal I am sure the rasam would-be light on the tummy and delicious. Would love to try out out sometime.

  5. That's a different kind of rasam with moong dal and carrot too. Hubby loves rasams so I'll have to try out this one for him. As for me I prefer to have it on its own.

  6. Moong dal rasam is new to me. I love moong dal and carrot definitely made it more healthy and yummy. Loved this delicious, easy and healthy recipe. Superb share.

  7. preethi'scuisine

    I love Rasam with moongdal. Addition of carrots sounds interesting. Fabulous idea to camouflage veggies so that kids will eat without any fuss.I love all types of Rasam.

  8. Loving this delicious and healthy rasam with carrot and moong dal. Can enjoy this as is , so comforting

  9. Vasusvegkitchen

    Tomato dal using moong dal is favourite at home but never tried rasam. Your's rasam looks very tasty and using carrot is good idea.

  10. Carrot with moong dal in a rasam is a ovely combo   must be flavorful ! Looks bit new and will try soon …

  11. Moong dal rasam looks so delicious. Adding carrot is good idea. will try next time. We always take paruppu thani when we cook toor dal or moong dal and used it for making rasam. I am big fan of adi rasam(thick rasam in the bottom)

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