December 10, 2012

Tomato Onion Rasam | Onions in spicy tomato broth

With winters almost upon us, Rasam (or in simple english - mild broths) are a favourite anytime. I love mine without too much tamarind, while kiddo loves hers with loads of tomatoes. So this quick and tasty Rasam with shallots (pearl Onions) and Tomatoes is here. Team it with hot steamed rice and some roasted Chettinad baby Potato curry. And heaven's upon you in all its glory ! You could also sip it warm as a broth for snacktime, and trust me, its wonderful on a cold, wintery evening !

 I usually use homemade Rasam Powder to make this Rasam, but some people I know use a combination of Red Chilli powder and Rasam Powder. Addition of garlic is also optional (I haven't added) and is said to enhance the flavour. See what works for you, it can't go wrong either way. So, shall we go ahead :)

Prep time : 10 mins | Cook time : 10 mins | Serves : 2
Difficulty level : Easy

  • Toor dal (split pigeon pea) - cooked - 6 TBSP
  • Ripe Tomatoes - 2 to 3 (medium sized)
  • Shallots (Pearl Onions) - a handful
  • Homemade Rasam Powder - 2 tsp
  • Salt - to taste
  • Turmeric - a dash
  • Tempering : Ghee (clarified butter) - 1 tsp, Mustard seeds, Asafoetida, curry leaves

1) Wash and pressure cook tomatoes and pearl onions for 1 whistle. Mash up slightly.
2) Mix tomatoes, salt, pearl onions, cooked toor dal with 3 cups of  boiling water thoroughly.
3) Now add turmeric and Rasam powder and mix well.
4) Bring this mixture to a rolling boil (about 8 - 10 mins). Transfer to a serving bowl.
5) Prepare tempering with ghee and other ingredients and add to the boiled rasam
6) Serve hot with rice and curry.


  1. One of my fav rasam, shallots gives definitely an incredible flavour.

  2. Never even though of adding shallots to rasam!Very different kind of rasam. Nice one Kalyani.

  3. ah!..what an ideal soup to sip on this cool weather..wish u cud pass me that bowl.looks wonderful!!


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