April 2, 2018

Amiri Khaman

For the love of all foods Gujarati, this was a long time coming. Yes there are many more to be made and devoured, but what really appeals to me in Gujarati cuisine is the versatility and the ways the same ingredient gives rise to so many different dishes. 

Besan (gram flour) for instance is seen in a steamed steamed khaman / dhokla (which btw are two different Dishes often confused one for the other) to a rolled khandvi to a pan fried thepla to a fried delicacy in Fafda , mixed with methi in a Gota and many many more in between.

And then you have those dishes which are created from leftovers like today’s Amiri Khaman. The soft spongy dhokla is dressed up further to make this amazing snack Amiri Khaman.

Leftovers or not, I bet you would want to make fresh dhoklas like we did just to create Amiri Khaman.

So the 26- day street food festival begins with A for Amiri khaman, a.k.a Gujarati Sev Khamani.

Prep time - 10 Mins, cook time - 5 Mins, serves -2 ~3
Course - snack ; cuisine - Gujarati

Vegan and GF too :)

10-12 pieces of khaman or dhokla (yellow version). Check here for recipe
Oil - 1 TBSP
Mustard - 1/2 tsp
Green chilli minced - 1/4 tsp
Sesame seeds - 1/2 tsp
Garnish - chopped cilantro, grated fresh / frozen coconut, pomegranate pearls
Topping - sev (or fine gram flour vermicelli)


  1. Lightly crush the khaman or dhokla into crumbs and keep aside
  2. In a pan, add oil and temper with mustard seeds, sesame, sauté well. Add green chilli and switch off the flame. Add the crumbled khaman into the pan and sauté for a min.
    Garnish with cilantro, coconut and Pomo pearls.
  3. Add a dash of sugar if needed and serve immediately topped with sev

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  1. A super beginning from my state..wah !wah !!The street food of Gujrat definitely revolves around gram flour , but look at the versatility!Beautifully made Sev Khamani .Looking forward to the complete series.

  2. That is an amazing start to the BM Kalyani. Love how there are so many different recipes to make with besan. Amiri khaman looks so colourful with the addition of pomegranate and it looks divine..

  3. I love this Sev Khaman and had enjoyed it when I made it couple of months back. A wonderful start to the mega BM!

  4. I remember having this for the first time in Ahmadabad during the Bm meet and I totally loved it. I have been making large batches of dhokla just so we have leftovers to make this dish but it gets over so fast!! Need to make a batch just to make this one!

  5. Thats a fabulous start to BM Kalyani, Amiri khaman tempts me a lot and definitely my kind of dish. Seriously i want to finish that bowl.

  6. I too bookmarked it to make for the street food but kids finished it before taking pictures. Such a healthy and tasty street food from Gujarat. Good start Kalyani.

  7. I made Amiri Khaman few years ago and remember how delicious it tasted. You are tempting me to try this out some time soon. Looking forward to all your delicious this month.

  8. such an wonderful way to use those leftover Khaman , reminds me of idli upma:) That is one fabulous recipe to start with kalyani.. Am happy to come back here after years ..

  9. I never knew left over crumbs of dhokla could be dressed up so beautifully. That is a fantastic idea, Kalyani. Super delicious start to the series.

  10. A to Z street foods sounds so exciting and I can't wait to see the rest in your series. I live street foods and this looks wonderful. I have heard about this recipe, but have not tasted it. Bookmarking to try soon.

  11. I remember reading about this in Vall's space, Such a great way to use the leftover of khamam just like how we make idli upma with left over idlies !!! Looks super delicious and looking forward to your A-Z series of street food !!!!

  12. Beautiful start kalyani! Love amiri khaman, infact i love this more than the normal dhokla for all the accompaniments we add on top!! Looks yumm!

  13. Kudos for all of you doing the A to Z street food recipes. And this Amiri Khaman is very inviting and I can imagine preparing fresh dhoklas just for this.Great start Kalyani.

  14. Perfectly made and presented amiri khaman.
    Same pinch with the theme. Actually I wanted to go with the same choice but I couldn't find pomegrantaes anywhere in the middle of the winter and had to give up.
    looking forward to your recipes this month.

  15. Perfect and i love this yummy make over of khaman.. So good :)

  16. Wow.. amazing start with khaman.. looks tasty.

  17. wonderful start to the marathon Kalyani. I love amiri khaman. I could gorge on this everyday.


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