July 10, 2015

Sugarfree Muskmelon & Cucumber Cooler | Summer Recipes

This week, at Blogging Marathon, we begin with Kids Delight – Cooking with Fruits theme, hosted by Harini. Fruits at my place are generally consumed whole, and touchwood the entire family loves to grab a fruit or two everyday. Except making aam ras (mango fruit pulp) , I generally serve all fruits whole – in a salad or cut into cubes. And with a husband who dishes out sugarfree mocktails / smoothies, we occasionally indulge in these sugar free treats.

Today is a super delicious sugarfree cooler with cucumber, muskmelon , chikoo (sapodilla fruit) and pomegranate pearls. This is more a blending – pureeing – serving kind of stuff than an actual recipe, and you can pretty much have any more or less ingredients going in to soothe ur palate. With the rest of the world (except may be india and some other countries) experiencing Summer, this could be the perfect thirst quencher ! Sugarfree too :)

Prep time : 10 mins, zero cook, serves : 2

You would need:

Pomogranate pearls – 1 cup (reserve a few for topping)
British Cucumber – peeled and cubed – ½ cup
Muskmelon – ripe (peeled and cubed)
Sapota (or sapodilla fruit) - 1 medium - peeled and cubed
Ice cubes, crushed – ½ cup
Chat Masala – ½ tsp
Black pepper powder - 1/4 tsp
Honey – 1 TBSP (we didn’t use)
Mint leaves – 3 or 4 (optional)


Blend all ingredients, filter if required (we had it with the fibre on) , top with ice cubes and some more chat masala and slurp it up :-))

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  1. The combination of fruits is too good and perfect juice for my breakfast. since I don't like to add sugar to any juice...

  2. Unusual combo of fruits n cucumber ! Sounds interesting .

  3. This is the perfect juice for this scorching heat. Love the combination of fruits..

  4. Must be a most wanted drink in summer.. Looks great.

  5. Never heard this, looks soo delicious

  6. That şurely a new combination! Looks good.

  7. new combo.. sounds intriguing..

  8. Must try this combo, the drink looks amazing.

  9. Fruits and Cucumber ? Quite interesting combo.

  10. Wow! that is an interesting combo there. Thanks or sending in your entries for 'Kid's Delight'..

  11. Very interesting drink and love the sugar free concept. Going sugar free is my biggest problem and finding the right choices is the key here.

  12. Very interesting combination of ingredients for a refreshing drink Kalyani. Looks perfect for a hot summer day!!

  13. that concept of putting things like pepper and chaat masala in smoothie's is such a truly Indian concept but otherwise sounds delightful

  14. Very interesting combination.

  15. Must have been great during summer time!..good one..


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