January 11, 2012

Brown Rice Dosa | Brown rice & lentil crepes

Honestly, am hooked to Brown Rice now. When I got a small bag of this from a friend who is into organic foods, I didnt know how to use this, much less how it tasted. Although I remember my sister recommending Brown Rice Pilaf that she had made years ago.Now thanks to Blog Hop Wednesdays, I finally got to make Brown Rice Dosa or Brown Rice Crepes.I was paired with Divya and she had an yummy recipe on her blog. I didnt use the Oats though and modified the proportions a bit. Although apprehensive of using a new ingredient, we ventured into it and loved it! I am sure this wholegrain will now stay on my grocery list, albeit in a lesser proportion than we use normal white rice (yup,we South Indians are voracious Rice eaters, in many forms I guess -boiled,puffed,normal,beaten). So, this definitely is a keeper, and look forward to hearing from you readers as to what all you make with Brown rice :-)  
This breakfast dish goes to Radhika’s Let’s Cook – Rice event, Cooking Challenge – Tamilnadu by Vidhya along with Blog Hop Wednesdays, Vardhini’s New U, Jyothi's Healthy & Hearty
Soaking time : 6 hours, Grinding time : 30 mins. Fermenting time : 10 – 12 hours (or overnight)
Makes: Approx 20 - 25 dosas (or crepes)

    • Brown Rice – 1.5 cups
    • Poha / flattened rice – 3 TBSP (optional, but it totally fluffs up the batter)
    • Methi / fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp
    • Urad dal – 1/3 cup (may be half a handful more also)
    • Salt – for the batter 
    1)    Wash and soak the rice along with fenugreek and poha for 6 hours
    2)    Wash the dal once and soak for 3 hours
    3)    Grind separately to a smooth batter and mix both batters thoroughly with your hands with required salt (I am told that using the hands rather than a beater / slotted spoon helps the batter ferment better)
    4)    Ferment for 10- 12 hours or overnight
    5)    In the morning, using a ladle mix the batter thoroughly (Tip here for all batters on idli / Dosa: If you are not using the whole batter the same day, squirrel away half the freshly fermented & mixed batter rightaway to use the next day. That way you get super soft idlis and dosas on both the days, else the dal sinks to the bottom with used batter and the 2nd day’s Idlis / Dosas aren’t as spongy)
    6)    Heat a tava/ skillet on medium heat.
    7)    Take a ladleful of the batter and spread on the hot tava.
    8)    Drizzle oil around the dosa and cook on both sides flipping once.
    9)    Serve hot with any chutney or Molagapudi


    1. i m coming home kalyani inviting myself over save some of those crepes for me

    2. A very healthy option. I'm yet to experiment with Brown rice. thanks for linking it to the event.

    3. how innovative! will try this for sure :)

    4. Healthy and inviting dosas..looks fabulous..

    5. Hi Kalyani
      Thanks for the lovely comment dear.
      Brown rice dosa sounds very healthy,innovative and tasty.

    6. brown rice takes so much time to cook! It was too unprocessed for me! :D But brown rice in a dosa is too interesting! :D

    7. @ Kavi - you need to use soak Brown rice in tepid water for 1- 2 hours before cooking normal rice with brown rice. cook it with slightly less water than normal white rice but for 4 whistles. You may use the fluffed up cooked rice for pulaos and biryanis.

    8. @ Anusha - anytime welcome dear. bekaadare hittu allige kalisi kodtheeni.. :D

    9. SUper healthy option... love this recipe.. happy to know you as well

    10. I use brown rice daily!! Dosa's look very crispy n tasty!!! bookmarking them, will try them n let u know!!!!

    11. Wow..good innovative recipe dear!!Looking for low fast recipe only,thanks for sharing!!

    12. Nice :) My mom-in-law uses brown rice in making set dosa.. and I feel that the dosa is much softer than the normal ones. .will share the recipe soon :)

    13. yummy looking dosas and beautiful clicks. Share the thought, was wonder full meeting, read about our meet in my next post :)

    14. Love the dosa. Like the squirrelling idea. Will do so next time. Thanks

    15. YUMMO..Thanks for the recipe..This looks mouthwatering..I have bookmarked it..


    16. Nice and healthy !!

      Ongoing Event - CC-Chocolate Fest

    17. Healthy & innovative recipe.. Sure I'm trying this recipe..

    18. Nice looking, healthy dosa. Haven't seen brown rice around here (except for the kerala Matta rice), wil keep looking for it though!

    19. loved the addition of poha in to the batter - lovely dosas kalyani !

    20. Dosa with brown rice healthyyyy thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe


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