August 22, 2011

Round up - Part 2 of Indian Mithai Mela, and an award to the top three contributors

Happy to announce the second and final part of the round up of Indian Mithai Mela. You may check the first part here. Thanks to all my foodie friends for your participation. Also, a special appreciation to top three contributors to this mela and they deserve a special mention - check out the details at the end of this post.

Appreciate your time and also look forward to more and more of this to my Ongoing events too - Vrat ka Khaana (Fasting Foods / Festival specials) and Healthy Lunchbox Ideas with Carrots(ending Aug 31st).

Enjoy the round up :-)


Richa from Ambrosia gives us this delectable  Roti Chapati with ghee

Sangee Vijay has sent in three yummy entries : Malai Peda, Pineapple Peach Kesari & Suzhiyam

Renuka has sent in six yummilicious entries : Pistachio Rose Coconut Barfi , Doodh peda, Churma Ladoos, Rava Ladoos, Besan Ladoos, Puran Poli

Cooking Foodie has sent Amazing Gali Sev , also called Sukhi Sevaiya
Aparna has sent in my all time favourite - nankhatis
Shobhana from Jelly belly has shared this recipe for drool worthy Jalebis
Nandita from Paaka Shaale also celebrates her first blog anniversary with yummy mysore pak

Khushi of A Girl's Diary has sent in 4 amazing home made delicacies : Rasgulla, Malpua, Gujiya and Gulab Jamun

Akheela sends in a microwave version of Milk Peda
It's microwave time again with Usha's delicious Carrot Halwa
Sree valli sends us this uniquely shaped and tasty Mini Kajas
Pradnya sends in home made Mohanthal

Deepika Jain sends me three delicious entries - Badam Halwa, Chawal Aur Makhaane ka kheer and Rasmalai

I have linked all the entries received (and linked) to this event. In case of any discrepancy about non-linkage, please do get in touch with me, and I shall update ASAP. Please note that ONLY linked entries have been included in this roundup.

Now, for the special award:

Special thanks and a special award to my top contributors - Sukanya from Saffron Streaks, Renuka from Cumin and Cardamom and my dear friend Sangee who always supports me with a bunchful of delicious recipes for every event ! Thanks friends, without your support, this wouldn't be possible...Looking forward to a whole lot of new recipes for my present and future events too !! Thanks again :-) Please do accept a small recognition of your contribution enclosed here.


  1. with festival season in full throttle- the round-up has my appreciation kalyani ! good efforts & congrats to the top contributors !!

  2. Amazing round up!!! Feels good to be a part of it. Thanks for hosting such a great event Kalyani :)

  3. Another great round up...Loved the presentation of pics here.

  4. Kalyani..can u believe i was thinking about this roundup this morning while discussing the sweets to be prepared for Diwali..amazing !!thnx to u n all the wonderful bloggers who have sent in these lovely sweets.unfortunately i cud not participate...but surely can taste these virtual sweets:))

  5. A very timely roundup Kalyani- I got a host of ideas for the upcoming festive season. Thanks for hosting.

  6. Thanks kalyani for such a nice award, I really appreciate it.. and its always been our plesure to be part of your wonderful event

    Monsson Medley at my space


  7. Wow what lovely sweets! Not fair that all the other in my family dont like sweets! But looking at the brighter side can you imagine my size if they did? It would be my duty to make all these sweets. :0

    Love the round up. Is there an award for someone who is drooling the most for then I am the strongest contender for it.

    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  8. very nice round up n got ample of sweet recipes here glad to be a part of this event n thank you so much for the award -means a lot to me..thank you will post this soon in my space :)
    in the above pictures of my recipes, theres one more picture which i didn't to pineapple peach prbs just i informed u :)

  9. delicious looking roundup so many yummy sweets

  10. there are several exquisite sweet Indian dishes that can't be uncomprehensible regardless of what number calories they contain. one among the terribly renowned sweet delicacies is that the "GulabJamun" that are literally little balls created out thickened milk extract, butter, and a few leavening agent.
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