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Sowcarpet Murukku Sandwich + one more :) | Street food delights…

This post happened perchance. Almost on serendipity. The husband called and said his classmate – a Marwari businessman – from Chennai would be having dinner that evening. After dinner, we were animatedly chatting about the impending movie “Kabali” that was to release that week, and I came to know that this friend was a HUGE movie buff that he had planned to catch first day, first show in Chennai at 4am ! Talk about being starstruck !!


And then somehow the conversation veered towards food (the friend’s mom makes one brilliant chai masala that he sweetly carries to our place whenever he visits), and on learning I blog, he invited me to visit them in Chennai and mentioned that his wife would take me to one of the hottest spots for foodies in Chennai (I was expecting him to mention some upscale restaurant), and that was in Sowcarpet.


Sowcarpet comes from the sanskrit words Sahukaar (which means rich man) and Pet (or Pete) means area and major industrialists rub shoulders with small merchants & traders alike and is pretty crowded – day or night. The food scene opens here in the evening though. This area is similar to Kalbadevi in Mumbai (which also sells these murukku sandwiches – dont ask me how!!), Avenue Road or Tharugpet in Bangalore etc.

Apparently its a hotbed for North Indian snacks like Vada Pav, Mumbai Sandwich, Lassi, Kachoris etc (or more importantly, delicious street food thats extremely pocket-friendly).

Well, the magic words : foodie trip + street food + pocket friendly caught my attention 🙂


Till he mentioned this wonderful Sowcarpet Murukku Sandwich doled out there – And I was sold on that. He even mentioned that the Green chutney made for this was different (well, it turned out he was a HUGE foodie along with being a MOVIE BUFF!) and gave me the recipe for this as well 🙂

Well, there is not too much of a recipe, except that he said to look for A1 brand of Chaat masala to make the chutney (talk about detailing!). I had to make the chutney and the murukku sandwich and we loved it. He also gave me the recipe for Sowcarpet Chutney sandwich with bread and we made both on the same day and enjoyed the treat !


So, make this and devour it like we did 🙂 and let me know how you liked it ! my kids liked both the versions, but were partial to the bread sandwich


Prep time : 20 mins ; Zero Cook , Serves : 3


Murukku / Chakli – 6 pieces (store bought or homemade – small sized)

Wholewheat bread / White bread – 6 slices

Sowcarpet Green Chutney – to spread (recipe here)

Cheese spread – 1 TBSP (I used it for only the murukku sandwich)

Cucumber, Onion, Tomato slices (thin slices) – as needed {I skipped Onions totally}

Chaat Masala – as required


Cheese – to grate (I didn’t use)

Fine Sev / Ompudi

Chaat Masala

Roasted Cumin powder

To Assemble the Murukku sandwich:

Take a sturdy murukku with a flat base, apply the green chutney liberally. Top with the cucumber slices, tomato , cheese spread, onions, sprinkling chaat masala after each layer. Close with another Murukku slathered with chutney on the inside so it sticks. Top with fine sev / Ompudi, chaat masala, grated cheese (I skipped this), and roasted cumin powder. Serve immediately.

To Assemble the Sowcarpet Bread sandwich:

Apply a generous layer of the chutney on the inside of a slice. Top with Cuke slices, tomato slices, onions, apply a handful of sev. sprinkle Chaat masala.

Close with another slice whose one side with chutney faces the inside. Apply a little green chutney and top with sev generously. Slice and serve.

Enjoy :-))


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  1. vaishali sabnani

    Kalyani one of our foodaholics members told me about this and sent me a link to that Chennai restaurant where they make these sandwiches , in fact I have already posted it sometime back , isn't it amazing ? We all loved it . Love your clicks , they are tempting me .

  2. Gayathri Kumar

    This is a very new dish to me. What an innovative way to serve murukkus. I remember seeing this on Vaishali's blog too. Delicious..

  3. MySpicyKitchen

    I remember these sandwiches from Vaishali's blog. I think she posted it last month for the sandwiches without bread, if I recall. Anyway, these muruku sandwich look amazing and tempting.

  4. Omg, this murukku sandwich is seriously fabulous Kalyani, now am so tempted to make this sandwich soon. Loving it.

  5. Very very innovative Kalyani. I am in awe about your enthu! Love it.

  6. I was wondering how the man knew a chakli recipe until I saw what the recipe was. Really an interesting one to try.

  7. I was wondering how the man knew a chakli recipe until I saw what the recipe was. Really an interesting one to try.

  8. murukku sandwich.. super ponga.. sema sema sema…

  9. Nalini's Kitchen

    Delicious murukku sandwich,I am a big fan of both murukku and thattai sandwich.Looks gorgeous.

  10. Sandhya Ramakrishnan

    Kalyani, I absolutely love this idea. How innovative. I am literally tempted to try this out sometime 🙂

  11. Love the iidea. Guess I will be making this for Diwali.

  12. That is a wonderful idea. I love chakli and this sounds like a great sandwich!!

  13. What an interesting sandwich with murukku. I'm going to try this one some time soon.

  14. cookingwithsapana

    Very nice idea to make sandwich with murukku.

  15. Very nice one and in fact surprising that I have never tasted it. I remember talking about it with Vaishali. Your pictures are making me want to try them myself!

  16. Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen

    Looks absolutely divine kalyani, murukku itself is already a yumm snack, slathering it with green chutney and topping it with sev n cukes makes all the more irresistible!!!

  17. These murukku sandwiches look so awesome! I never managed to visit Sowcarpet during my Chennai days. But this looks like a good enough reason for a visit. Yumm!

  18. The Pumpkin Farm

    never ever heard of them kalyani….these are must to try especially after diwali when you are done with chaklis for a year ….the pictures are tempting and loved reading about your story

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