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New event – Winter Foods 30 min Challenge

Think winter, think warm foods. With the freshest
produce of the season available during winters, why not cook those foods that
add warmth to the body, naturally. Here’s an event , friends,  to do just
that.  It could be anything vegetarian and eggless across
food course / region / cuisine and just pick any of the foods listed below as
the main ingredient and link your entries to this event that runs for the next
60 days. 

With a twist of course. 

Any entry that you send
must be rustled up in 30 mins flat (prep time extra). During the chilly
winters, we all need is quick, hot meals that’s cooked in the least amount of
time right ? From fragrant teas to warm soups to cheesy casseroles –
anything that warms you up during winters is accepted, as long its vegetarian
and eggless. 


Rules for linking your entries :

1) Use the above logo and this event
announcement link mandatorily in your entries. 

2) Any number of fresh entries (posted
between 5th Jan  & 5th March) that uses the following ingredients are

3) The dish MUST use one or more of the
following listed ingredients as the star ingredient (s)

4) Use the Linky tool to dash in your
entries. In case you have any difficulty in linking it, please ping me on
[email protected] 

5) Non bloggers may also send in the
pics of the entries along with the name of the dish and recipe to the above
mentioned Email.

The round up shall be published by mid

To help you, following are recommended
Winter Ingredients:

Basil,Cumin,Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander,Dates(and most dried

Fennel, Garlic,Ginger, Ginseng, Honey, Millet, Mustard
greens, Nuts,
Oats, Oats, 


& Wild rice

Happy cooking 🙂 Look forward to all
your yummilicious entries 🙂



  1. Will definitely send in some of my entries soon 🙂
    Happy hosting!!

  2. first time here.lovely event.sure i wil send my ur new friend from snc.happy to follow you.

  3. Nice Event.Happy Hosting.Soon Try to link some recipes.

  4. Shruti Dhingra Wahi

    Kalyani …Non-veg dishes are allowed to be linked ??


    Lovely Hosting Dear… Linked one daal recipe.

  6. kausers kitchen

    First time here, nice event dear. Linking my entries.
    Happy hosting.
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. Linked my entry Kalyani 🙂

  8. Hi, I have linked two of my recipes Pumpkin ketti Kuzhambu and Varamilagai Thovayal.

    If time permits try to participate in "Tried and Tasted : Chettinad Kitchen". Here is the link for it The event is from Feb’15th to March’15th

  9. linked my entries 🙂

  10. Hi,
    have linked spinach rice recipe..
    Happy to follow you…

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