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Tired of eating the same Idli varieties ? Then try this fuss free Moong Dal Spicy Idli that’s not only low on carbs (yes, there is but a handful of rice in the batter), but is also spicy and goes well with any chutney or Molagapudi for the breakfast time. I was looking for steamed food options, when a previous edition of “Prevention” magazine carried this Idli variety. 

For a South Indian like me, this was double jeopardy – too tempting to try out, but at the same time was unsure about the results. However, the man’s complis at breakfast this morning laid all that to rest. Although the elder kiddo was not sure why her Idlis were not the usual ‘white coloured’ button shaped ones, she ate them too.  Just to make it all the more healthier, I added a bit of grated ginger & crushed pepper, and they turned out to be super nutritious and healthy too ! 


This is definitely added to my list of healthy breakfast options.


                  Prep time – 10 mins + 4 hours of soaking time

                  Cook time – 10 mins

                  Makes ~ 12 – 14  Idlis (medium sized)

                  Fermentation time – Min 8-12 hours

                  Serving Suggestions – Any  chutney  or Sambhar or Molagapudi

                  Difficulty level – Easy


                  Ingredients: ( 1 cup = 200 ml)

                  • Whole moong dal (with skin on)- 3/4 cup
                  • Whole Urad Dal – 3/4 cup
                  • Rice Rava (homemade) – 1/2 cup 
                  • Raw rice – a handful
                  • Salt – to taste


                  • Oil – 1 tsp
                  • Cashew nuts – a few
                  • Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
                  • channa dal / split bengal gram – 1 tsp
                  • Grated ginger – 1/2 tsp
                  • Chopped chillies / ground pepper – 1/2 tsp (I didn’t add this for the lil one’s idlis)


                  1) Wash and soak the dals and rice together for 3-4 hours. Grind to a smooth Idli batter. Add the rava and mix well, let it ferment overnight or for a min of 8 hours.

                  2) Beat the batter well. Add salt and mix again. 

                  3) Grease the idli plates well.

                  4) To a portion of the batter, make the tempering using the above ingredients in the list, and add to the batter, whisk thoroughly. The rest of the batter can be made plain without plain as well. 

                  5) Pour this into greased dimples of the Idli plates.

                  6) Steam for 10-12 mins (this might require a little more time than the usual idlis)

                  7) Cool,un mould and serve the hot idlis with any chutney or molagapudi

                  8) Serve while hot/warm only. Doesn’t freeze well or keep beyond 3-4 hours once prepared. The batter however keeps for 1-2 days under refrigeration. 


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                  1. Torviewtoronto

                    yummy looks wonderful

                  2. vaishali sabnani

                    I make moong daal dhoklas, basically same technique..but I use just moong daal, adding rice rawa should make it more fluffy…I can see that from the pics. Next on the think I can use rice flour at times?

                    • Vaishali – rice flour has a different consistency when compared to rice rava, it makes it sticky. However, if you are making dosa with a similar moong – urad batter, you may use rice flour, but add it 1 hour before u make them.

                  3. Excellent and nutritious steamed cakes, am in love with this low carb breakfast. Packed with proteins.

                  4. Gayathri Kumar

                    These idlis look so soft. Even with just a handful of rice, they look perfect..

                  5. MySpicyKitchen

                    Though the idli are not white, I like greenish hue from moong.

                  6. Love these idlis. Bookmarked. Wondering if Idli rava can be used instead of rice rava. what says you?

                  7. Suma Gandlur

                    Healthy idlis. I have heard about these idlis from my mom but never bothered to find the proportions though. I think our version has more moong dal or something like that.

                  8. I have tried moong dal dosa.. this idly is very interesting. will try this out soon.

                  9. cookingwithsapana

                    Very healthy and soft looking idlis. I love idlis but could never make them as perfect as yours.


                    Wow!Protein packed braekfast…must try

                  11. Wow idli with moong dal — now that sounds very delicious. Bookmarked!!

                  12. The Pumpkin Farm

                    these really look very tempting…the ones we get in our office – mangalorean anna yet fails…is more like the dhokla made with moong dal…but i guess the trick is in idli rava…great recipe for me …loved the pics as well

                  13. Lovely colour to the idlis, good one to make for a change!

                  14. That's a lovely twist to the regular idli….must try it the next time.

                  15. Love this twist. Must try making it.

                  16. Sandhya Ramakrishnan

                    This sounds really interesting. Bookmarking to try this soon!

                  17. Mayuri Patel

                    What an interesting way to make idlis using moong dal. Its added such a lovely lemony colour to the idli.Also like the idea of adding the tempering to the batter before steaming the moong dal idlis.

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