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Maddur Vade, and a Karnataka Connection

This journey of BM has been personally very satisfying with the theme of Winter Delights, and I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me too:) If you have missed any of the previous 6 days posts, here is a quick recap:

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Now, having lived soooo long in Bengalooru (Karnataka), there must have been ample times I would have travelled along with Bangalore – Mysore route : train or bus or car. Whatever the mode, one can’t miss eating savoruing the deep fried delight  –Maddur Vade. I could compose an ode to this dish describing how the crunchy snack melts in your mouth and the flavours spread all over your mouth : but all that can wait till you savour one bite of this deep fried delight. Winter gives us enough leverage to do just that – Enjoy these yummy deep fried delights with a cup of hot kapi (as the vendors would call out @ Maddur , enroute to Mysore) ” Vade-Kaapi”, “Vade-Kaapi”, “Garamaagaram Vadai”…. those sounds seem like music:till I gingerly ventured out to make these. This is generally served in leaf lined parcels (or newspaper bundles) along withGatti Chutney (extra thick coconut chutney ground with chillies and coriander). But of the 10 odd vadais I made, there were just 3 left for snaps (God bless my kiddo – she saved ‘her’ vadai for me to take clicks, and not unlike Sherlock she demanded her pound of flesh – extra playtime in the evening and also that these vadais to be photographed on her pattu paavadai (silk skirt) as background.Well,I couldnt back out on either:)) 

Adapted from Lakshmi’srecipe, under my mom’s able direction, I made my first Maddur Vadai and was very pleased with myself. Look forward to making this often now. 

Sending this to: BM Day 7, Radhika’s Winter Carnival, Priya’s bookmarked recipes. Check my marathoners here.


Prep time : 30 mins. Frying time : 15 mins. Makes : Approx 8 – 10 medium sized vadais

Recipe Source : here


  • Maida / APF – 1 cup
  • Rice flour – 2 TBSP
  • Salt – to taste
  • Oil – to deep fry
  • Coriander & Curry leaves – 1/4 cup (freshly chopped)
  • Hot oil – 1/4 cup
  • Onions – very finely chopped – 1/2 cup
  • Chiroti Rava / Semolina / very fine sooji – 1/2 cup
  • Green chillies – 2 or 3 (suit your spice) – finely chopped


1) Sieve the flours with the salt twice over. Add the chopped onions, coriander leaves, curry leaves, semolina and mix well with your fingers. Now VERY VERY slowly add the hot oil (1/4 cup) and mix with a spatula. Do NOT attempt to use your fingers.

2) Rest for 10 – 15 mins (not more) till the onion and salt give the flour mixture some moisture.

PinPin3) Sprinkle very little water at a time to make a soft pliable dough. Do not add more water than necessary (tip :adding some lukewarm water also helps, but reduce the quantity if using). 

4) Once the dough is done, divide into equal parts. cover and rest for 3 mins.

5) Meanwhile, grease a butter paper / baking sheet. Take one portion of the dough ball, slightly flatten it, while taking care not to flatten it completely. It needs to be a thickish dish. Repeat the same with all the discs.

6) Heat oil. Check if its ready by rolling a tiny roundel – if it jumps up and comes to the top while browning, the oil is ready. Keep the oil temp steady on medium and slide out the vadai from the butter paper and carefully ease it out to the hot oil. Splash oil on it immediately like you do for Poori (deep fried Indian bread). Once brown, flip over to the otehr side. Drain on paper towels. Do not attempt to fry more than 3 – 4 in a batch.

7) Serve hot with piping hot tea and your afternoon is magical.




  1. Vadai looks yummy .. glad to run the marathon with u. Looking forward to another one 🙂

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  2. Lifewithspices

    awesome one.. hv tasted tis once ..

  3. Gayathri Kumar

    My favorite vada…

  4. Vadai looks so crunchy and tasty..

  5. Priya Suresh

    Yum,super crispy vade,feel like munching some with a cup of tea..

  6. vaishali sabnani

    I like this version…normally we make with channa dal..lovely clicks n actually mouthwatering:)

  7. Kaveri Venkatesh

    You made me nostalgic Kalyani!! These are my favorites..

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  8. Vadas looks crunchy and fabulous!!!

  9. The Pumpkin Farm

    lovely Kalyani, my husband loves these, will have to try

  10. Priya Sreeram

    can I have 'em- vade n kaapi ! looks yum

  11. Never had these vadas but the way you described it makes me wanna try these…

  12. Never had these vadai's.. but street food and a cup of chai can never be bad.. they have to be out of this world.
    Love Ash.

  13. flavourful vada…

  14. How very sweet of your lil one, she is such an adorable kid!..pls tell her that her Pattu pavadai is awesome!..wish I had one like that really..:)..and maddur vadas are my favorite!..looks stunning really..So good that you joined me Kalyani..:)

  15. Nalini's Kitchen

    yummy and crunchy vada feel like eating now its raining here.

  16. Sensible Vegetarian

    These look so lovely and tempting, great clicks. Love that saree color.

  17. waaah…absolutely gorgeous looking maddur vade! Slurrp! I am drooling 😀
    Thanks for linking back to my blog.

  18. Absolutely crunchy and we too love this vadai..

  19. Suma Gandlur

    I too am in for the vade fanclub. :)Absolutely love them.

  20. Cool Lassi(e)

    I like vadai in any forms! Yours look exceptional!

    All my Sarees are sleeping in the closet.Perhaps they would serve me well for the props?? He He..

  21. Nice vadai

  22. wow, they look so crispy and delicious.

  23. I am from Karnataka but I never heard of these! So much for a foodie. of course I have hardly been on Mysore Bangalore route.
    Coming to the vadais these are yummy and I will make them dear. goes in my to do list.

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