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Cream Cheese Tomato Bruschetta | Easy #PartySnack Ideas

One of the must-haves for the kids at an Italian restaurant is Bruschetta. Although the fad has waned away slightly now, they enjoyed having this Cream Cheese version which the elder one put together all by herself after tasting it at a local restaurant. It was yum, delicious and quick. She used a rusk (a.k.a savoury double baked baguette slice if you please) for the base, and that was perfect for this zero cook, yummy treat. 

Note to self : Come to think of it, She made a Spinach and Cheese Bruschetta earlier, so this recipe of Bruschetta toppings must be really her specialty 🙂


The toppings for this quick bruschetta are endless : Olives, Shredded basil, pesto, onions, Avocados, mozzarella, cooked n mashed spicy chickpeas, dehydrated Rajma gravy (red beans), bell peppers or whatever pretty much you fancy – the ideas are aplenty 🙂


At the next party of potluck if you want to add a new appetiser, you know where to look 🙂

Prep time : 10 mins, Zero cook , Serves : 2

You would need:

Rusk or toasted garlic bread slices – 6 nos.

Onion sliced – 1/2 TBSP (totally Optional)

Cream Cheese – 2 TBSP

Chopped tomato – 1 TBSP

Crushed Black pepper – 1/2 tsp

Olive Oil – 1 tsp


How to make:

Whisk the cream cheese with crushed black pepper & olive Oil. Add half of the chopped tomato, onions, mix & spread this on the rusk or toasted garlic bread. Top with remaining tomato, more crushed pepper & serve immediately.

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  1. vaishali sabnani

    It’s been a while since I made bruschettas , thanks for reminding . They look so cheesy and delicious .

  2. Priya Suresh

    Simply love bruschetta with any topping, and this cream cheese tomato bruschetta makes me hungry.

  3. Simple yet delicious. Looks soo good

  4. Sharmila kingsly

    Simple but a winner recipe..

  5. Wow, that bruschetta looks amazing Kalyani. yummy!!

  6. I have been thinking about to serve these at home. I am just being lazy. Btw, Your space is looking so very different. Have you made any changes??

  7. cookingwithsapana

    This is my kind of lazy days meal. Looks absolutely delicious.

  8. Cream cheese and bruschetta…what more to ask for? Loved your rusk description!!

  9. Sandhya Ramakrishnan

    This is so quick to make and live the spiced creak cheese spread on the toasts.

  10. well said for kids in parties love eating this… yummmy

  11. Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen

    wow, that is a great idea to serve it on a rusk! superb yaar, give a hug to your elder one! I will definitely be trying this version pretty soon!!

  12. Using rusk is such an innovative idea. Love your daughter's recipe.

  13. Chef Mireille

    bruschetta is always a great option for parties

  14. Varada's Kitchen

    A very interesting take on bruschetta.

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