Ladoo, Sizzling Tastebuds

Besan Ladoo , and happy birthday dad ….

As a blogger / writer, sometimes you have a writer’s block… As a
foodie / sous chef at home, this  is the first time I  was flummoxed
by a theme : cookbook theme for this Blogging Marathon. If I picked one ingredient it suited two
out the three conditions… Am sure my fellow BMers have written eons about
this theme, so let me keep it short … Besan (gramflour) is the main
ingredient across 3 cookbooks and three different avatars this week for BM #

Kicking off with a sweet – Besan Ladoo – for dad’s birthday… I am sure he
is blessing us from wherever he is in the cosmos .. Perhaps its natural that I
miss him everyday : for he was my greatest food critic as well as appreciative
& supportive of even a simple Upma that I first learnt to make… This is
for you, dad ! Love you.. Well this week also happens to be my 2nd Angel’s 6th
month bday.. Although she can’t eat these am sure but would have been mighty
pleased with these yummy Ladoos. So, lets get to the recipe…

Also, linking it to : Sumee’s Bon Vivant #13 – Kids Delight , Nayna’s Lets cook for Kids & Food Sri Lanka’s Cook like a Celebrity Chef


My notes: 

1) Some recipes add condensed milk
and / or semolina (rava) to this. I have kept it neat and simple with few fuss
free ingredients.

2) If you feel the mixture is too dry,add a tsp or more of melted ghee and mix well. Then proceed.

3) If using condensed milk, omit the sugar. If using semolina and no condensed milk, increase the sugar a little bit.

Prep time :
10 mins | Cook time : 15 – 20 mins | Makes : 12 – 14 medium sized ladoos

Source : Tarla Dalal

Keeps : For 5 – 8 under refrigeration


Besan / gramflour – 1 1/4 cups

Powdered Sugar – 1 cup (you may
increase it by another 1/4 cup if you like it sweeter)

Ghee / clarified butter – 1/2 cup
(melted) + little for greasing

Elaichi / cardamom – 2 nos – powdered

Saffron strands – few

chopped almonds – 2 tsp


Heat 1/4 tsp ghee and fry the sliced
almonds for 30 secs or till they slightly roast. Transfer to a plate

Sieve the gramflour twice over to
prevent any lumps.

Melt the remaining ghee on low flame.
Tip in the gramflour little by little and roast over a low flame for 6 -8 mins
without moving away, till you get an aromatic flour.

Now add the powdered sugar and
powdered cardamom seeds. 

Keep stirrring till the dry mixture
gets mixed thoroughly. 

Add the saffron strands and almonds
and mix once more.

Transfer to a clean dry plate and cool
for 8 – 10 mins

Lightly grease your palms and dividing
the mixture into equal parts, make medium sized roundels (or Ladoos), taking
care not to break them. (I made ladoos without greasing them, so the gloss the ladoos is missing)

The ladoos are fragile and require delicate care.

Prepare ladoos with the entire mixture
and store in an airtight container.




  1. The Pumpkin Farm

    i guess we have been surrounded by both a lot, food as well as writing, i am often hitting the road blocks these days when it comes to posting recipes, but i have read it that it is a passing phase 🙂 and we have seen enough summers to know that, come what may, keep up with the blogging, and birthday wishes to your dad (am sure, he is watching all ur yummy recipes and blessing u)..and also for ur little one, omg she is 6 mths old already, need to find time to come and catch a glimpse of her…ur besan laddoo is similar to what MIL makes, i usually dont seive it, for sheer laziness , loved the kesar sitting on top

  2. Princy Vinoth

    Time flies even my lil one turns 5 months next week.So i will always remember your baby's bday 🙂
    Hope your dad is mighty happy with your work and the ladoos lok gorgeous.Besan is such a tricky yet versatile ingredient kudos to your choice of ingredient.

  3. Besan laddo looks so delicious Kalyani, I am sure your lil one would have loved to feast on this..Hope you are better with your writing block..guess it happens at times..take care and hugs, I am sure your Dad would've loved this..

  4. Your besan laddus surely are a hit, and within few more months your little one will be after you asking for them…

  5. Priya Suresh

    Happy birthday to ur dad Kalyani, besan ladoos looks fabulous, a delicious treat.

  6. Priya Suresh

    Happy birthday to ur dad Kalyani, besan ladoos looks fabulous, a delicious treat.

  7. Chef Mireille

    this theme was def. challenging but you picked a great ingredient

  8. A fitting tribute to a person who played an important role in your life.

  9. turmericnspice

    Writers block- tell me about it….!! there are days when I have so much to share and then again there are days when you can't get a word out of me…

    Well, am sure you miss your dad, I miss mine too 🙁 Happy bday to him !!

    nicely done ladoo

  10. vaishali sabnani

    Kalyani..understand the pain that you feel..we miss our parents at every step of life…we just have to cherish their fond memories…and look at those awsum ladoos, they look so tempting, I would have asked you to send a courier..but will wait for the angel's ist birthday:))..hugs:)

  11. Sangeetha Nambi

    Hope ur dad is watching all ur contributions…. Keep sharing…

  12. Rafeeda AR

    lovely besan laddoos…

  13. Vimitha Durai

    Happy bday to uncle.. The laddoos look so perfect and yum.
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  14. Priya Sreeram

    6 months already – the lil angel is growing up. Loads of love n hugs to her. Also sending across warm wishes kalyani.

  15. delicious laddus!!! so perfectly done!!
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    Ongoing Event + Giveaway – Italian Dishes

  16. Corporate to Kitchen

    Its been ages since I had them. I am just drooling over these pics. Amazing shots!

  17. Love those laddoos Kalyani.. Don't know abt my kids, but we both LOVE this!

  18. Let me join you in wishing your father a happy birthday, I am sure he will be showering his love and blessing on your family from wherever he is.

    And the ladoos seem a perfect way to celebrate the day.

  19. Besan laddoos look awesome.. Love the texture.
    Same pinch!! My daughter turned 6 months too this month. Wish ur LO a very happy 1/2 year b'day!!

  20. I always read a lot when I hit the writers block, like right now. It is just fine to not write sometime. 🙂
    Im sure your father must have been a beacon of inspiration and hope to you. Love the laddos.

  21. Even I was thinking of Pavani's baby (because of our recent chat) when I read about yours. Its just few more years for her to start enjoying your wonderful creations. 🙂 🙂

  22. Ladoos look so good and am sure his blessings are always with you!!1

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