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Paruppu Podi ~ Mixed Lentils Spice Powder


Necessity is the mother of Invention .Truly applies in a kitchen , where all elements of a typical corporate world – Supply chain, inventory management, housekeeping, human resources, budgets, planning, entertainment, resource allocation – all happen simultaneously and endlessly !! One of these days, when we were tired of making sabjis, and wanted to have something quick, I thought of making Paruppu Podi (mixed lentils spice powder).. WhileMolagapudi / Molagapodi (accompaniment to Idli / Dosa) is used with Idlis or Dosas , Karivepalai Podi ~ Curry leaf Spice Powder and Paruppu Podi tastes divine with plain steamed rice and a drop of sesame oil (for kids, you could use ghee / clarified butter). I make this podi (spice powder) in small batches always , to ensure it stays fresh.. This is a very easy recipe and goes to the following events, apart from Blogging Marathon (Day 6) under “Cook with 5 ingredients or less” theme. Checkout my fellow marathonershere.

This is made in many many different ways in each household, depending on the spice / taste quotient. Some use only Toor Dal (Split Pigeon pea) , some Urad (split black gram) and Toor dal, but I do add a bit of Channa Dal (Bengal gram) for a variation.


  • Toor dal – 1 cup
  • Urad dal / Uluthamparuppu  – 1/4 cup
  • Channa Dal – 1/2 cup
  • Red chillies – 4 -5 (if using kashmiri variety, increase to 7 -8) – adjust to taste
  • Pin

  • Salt – to taste
  • Oil – 2 Tsp


1) In 1 tsp of oil, fry the lentils one by one till golden brown

2) Now add 1 tsp more and fry the red chillies till done (take care not to burn them).Cool completely

3) Now coarsely pulse the lentils in a spice grinder. Break the fried chillies and add them along with salt to the spice grinder. Pulse again to semi- coarse texture.

4) Cool and store in an airtight glass container.

5) Serve with hot rice and ghee / oil.




  1. Hari Chandana P

    Woww… lovely podi.. looks really amazing and perfect.. thanks for sharing 🙂
    Indian Cuisine

  2. Looks yummy. I make this too for those lazy days 🙂

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  3. Torviewtoronto

    flavourful looking podi looks delicious

  4. this is awesome..

  5. Kalyan Panja

    This one looks so easy to make and mouth-watering…delicious!

  6. The Pumpkin Farm

    wow, similar to methkoot (maharashtrian) ,yummy with rice and ghee

  7. Looks lovely mouth watering colours.

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  8. Indian Khana

    Love this and looks so yum

  9. the pictures are perfect for this lovely podi!!!

  10. Lifewithspices

    this is one of my fav podi with rice.. good one..

  11. wonderfully rich color – delicious looking!

  12. Priya Suresh

    My fav anytime,full of flavours..

  13. Love the bright yellow color of the podi. Looks yummy.

  14. Lovely colour and easy preparation!!!!!

  15. vaishali sabnani

    interesting podi…grt clicks.

  16. I love this podi…In general, I have a weakness for podi and hot rice.

  17. wonderful pictures…podi looks great!

  18. KrithisKitchen

    I love paruppu podi.. simply yumm…
    Krithi's Kitchen

  19. Cool Lassi(e)

    Paruppu Podi looks amazing!

  20. Desisoccermom

    Thank you for sending this delicious podi to my event. I usually buy it from the Indian store but I will try making it next time.
    Do you still want to host B2B for the month of Jan? Let me know and I will add your name to the host line up.

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