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7 tags linking game

Its been quite a while since Sangeetagged me in the now popular 7 links game thats doing the rounds in the blogosphere. I had this in my drafts but never got around to publishing. So, here they are :

Category 1 : The most beautiful post(s) have to be Healthy Potato Roast & Cheesy Snacklets 



Category 2: The most Popular posts(s) to me (by sheer virtue of number of comments) are: Baked Samosa & Sugarfree Ginger Mocktail



Category 3: Most controversial Post till now : Thankfully I am spared of any 😉

Category 4 : Most Helpful post : how to make Jain style Green Chutney


Category  5 : The post(s) that was surprisingly successful have to be Palak Paneer Parathas with Tomato Chilli Relish &Baked Tacos with Tomato Salsa Dip (Both were combo meals)



Category 6 : The post(s) that didnt get the attention it deserved : Thayirvadai (Curd Vada) andNelli Pachadi (Gooseberry chutney)



Category 7 : A post that I am proud of – Actually there are two of them : Instant Healthy Dhokla and Low Calorie Basil Chilli Cheese Toast



Now, as per the game’s rules, I am playing it forward and tagging seven of my friends to take this game ahead :



  1. Mouthwatering dishes!

    Kavi |
    Edible Entertainment

  2. Priya Suresh

    Beautiful recap,delicious dishes.

  3. Santosh Bangar

    fabulous recipes

  4. Lovely post Kalyani and thanks a bunch for thinking of me :).Will post mine soon…

  5. Yummy recap..
    Love Ash.

  6. Sensible Vegetarian

    Love all of them, looks superb.

  7. nice post…

  8. Nice recap of your blog! some links though didn't work for me. Had to look for it..

  9. Thanks Kalyani for sharing these with me. You got a beautiful array of recipes displayed here 🙂

  10. Nice recap. Good to know. I liked the dhokla a lot… For my blog, I picked one template from free blogger templates and resigned it as per my requirements. I almost changed everything except the base.

    My Kitchen Experiments

  11. It was nice going through all your dear recipes once again.

  12. Saraswathi Iyer

    Nice post and thanks a lot for tagging mine. Will post it soon dear.

  13. Nice recap Kalyani. Lovely posts and pictures. Was nice reading all of them. Thanks a ton for tagging me. Will post it soon in my blog.
    ( )

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