September 6, 2018

E for Erra Karam Dosa | A-Z Dosa Series | Vegan, GF Dosa

Sometimes you need a shock value from food to reinvigorate yourself . Today’s Erra Karam dosa does just that. Although by and large we are a savoury loving family, the spice paste used for this dosa which has its origins in the Rayalseema region of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh state is spicy to say the least .

I did expect the dosa to be reasonably spicy, but I think I was a tad casual in the number of the chillies and it was quite spicy. But otherwise it was a lovely break from the semi-spicy food we have .

Adapted from Priya Srinivasan’s recipe (who in turn I think referenced Suma’s recipe), this was one more bookmarked recipe cleared out well. Thanks Priya and Suma for the recipe.

I used a combo of onions , spice powder as toppings (instead of the paste) and that gave a slightly different but delightful textural high to the dosa.

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Let's get to today's recipe:
Vegan and GF Erra Karam Dosa served with Hotel style Coconut Chutney

Prep time + soaking + fermentation time - 10~12 hours
Makes - 15 to 20 Dosas
Spice level - high

Dosa batter - as required. I used this Foxtail Millet Dosa 
Oil - to roast the dosa

For the Karam (spice) chutney (you can make dry or wet chutney, I prefer dry chutney as it keeps for 2-3 days under refrigeration)

Guntur Red chillies - 10  (adjust to taste)
Garlic Pods - 6 to 7
Sesame seeds - 1 TBSP
Salt - to taste
Peanuts - 4 T
Tamarind - small gooseberry sized (about 20 grams)
Fresh whole Black pepper - 1/2 tsp
Oil - 2 tsp

Onions - 1/4 cup (finely chopped shallots taste great here) as an optional but recommended topping. 

To make the Karam : Roast all ingredients except salt individually in 2 tsp of oil. 
Cool and grind to a coarse powder. 
(If preferred, add 1 medium sized onion well sautéed + 1-2 T water and make to a thick paste)

To make the Erra Karam Dosa:
Heat a tava to medium high, Pour a batter of the dosa. Drizzle oil on top as well as the sides. Sprinkle the spice (Karam) powder or paste, topped with chopped shallots. Let it cook to a golden brown on both sides. 
Serve immediately with hotel Style Coconut Chutney. 

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  1. Oh my God! 10 red chillies sounds super spicy! I love the spice powder combination....would have tasted awesome with the dosa! Yum yum!


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