September 2, 2017

Vegan Almond Basil Pesto | Vegan and GF Condiments

First the avocado came home, followed by the basil and then the almonds were discovered in the freezer. Considering these are expensive ingredients, I wanted to make an exotic dish, and Google helped with this pesto from Radhikas's blog when i asked "Basil + avocado + almonds". So this dish happened in reverse. 

Also that almonds (and most nuts for that matter were rich in protein helped me dovetail this dip into this theme for the Mega BM). 

So, there it was : a delicious pesto that went very well with our Dominos style homemade garlic bread. Yes, it was a garlicky overdose but then the elder kid and the husband - both great fans of garlic - enjoyed the meal. You may also use this pesto to make sandwiches, frankies (a.k.a rolls) wth sphagetti or even my savoury pull apart rolls or even the pizza pinwheels

The list is endless. So, go on and make a batch and enjoy your meal with the delicious vegan and GF pesto. 

My elder girl made those name tags as one batch went to a friend as a birthday gift :-) so proudly displaying the jar of pesto with the tags intact :-)

Vegan Almond Basil Pesto - Vegan & GF
Course : Condiments / Dips
Cuisine : Italian
Protein source : Almonds

Prep time : 15 mins. Cook - 5 mins ; Makes : 200 ml

What you need:
Basil leaves - 2 cups (cleaned, sorted and packed)
Blanched almonds - 1/2 cup
Olive oil - 1/4 cup
Salt and pepper - to taste
Garlic - 6 to 8 pods (opt.)
Flax seeds - 3 TBSP
Lemon juice - 1/2 tsp
Avocado pulp - 1/2 cup

How to:
Roast the flax seeds and cool. Soak almonds for 2 hours, peel and keep aside. Else use readymade blanched almonds
In a food processor, add all ingredients except half of the olive oil, lemon juice and the basil. Grind to a smooth paste.
Add the basil, a handful at a time, with 2 tsp of olive oil for each batch. Grind in spurts and add the lemon juice immediately.

Add the basil only at the end, else the pesto will turn darkish green and unattractive within a few hours. 
Add lemon juice also at the end, stir well, and store immediately in an airtight glass jar to prevent oxidation.
Pine nuts / hazel nuts or even walnuts can be used in place of blanched almonds. I am guessing cashews or pistachios also should work. This way you have a plant-based homemade creamy pesto instead of having to add parmesan
Olive oil indicated above is enough, however a tsp or a little more wont hurt.  

The Marathon so far:
Day 1 : Vegan & GF Beetroot Hummus

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  1. Lipsmacking here, such a flavourful and very nutty pesto to relish with some pasta or bread slices. Loving it to the core.

  2. Basil is my weakness , I can eat anything cooked with it . I love its aroma and flavor , trust me I feel taking a lick from that super rich jar . I must try this pesto with almonds , going off the traditional pine nuts . Super pick .

  3. This is a wonderful flavourful pesto Kalyani. We don't get basil here, so haven't yet tasted it, but by the looks of it, this one is surely a delicious pesto..

  4. I am yet to cook with Avocado though I have made pestos with other ingredients..this is one super rich sauce!

  5. Pesto gets a nice makeover with the addition of almonds..

  6. I am a garlic fan too. This pesto looks so inviting and flavourful. The tag is lovely, kudos to your daughter.

  7. As Vaishali mentioned, I too love basil leaves in any form. The vegan pesto turned out super nice and all I need is some pasta to finish that off.

  8. The pesto looks so good and it would have tasted awesome with that garlic bread. So nice of kiddo to share a jar with her fried,nice tag btw.

  9. So you know what gets in line next? I am in the process of emptying my fridge and refilling it.:D Love the dip Kalyani.

  10. Love the aroma and nutty flavor in this sauce and addition of almonds makes it very easy recipe compare to pine nuts.

  11. Those exotic items have produced an exotic recipe indeed! I love vibrant colors and after a colorful hummus, this also looks nice and brilliant on the screen

  12. That's certainly a different kind of pesto. I would love to try it out. Lovely color too.

  13. This pesto is inviting. Addition of almonds makes them very interesting - Anlet Prince

  14. Love this pesto with flax seeds and almonds. I make these pesto without parmesan cheese too. Love this version. Great share.

  15. One such healthy pesto,got a lovely color..

  16. wow! nice vegan pesto recipe. Addition of almonds is interesting!


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