August 24, 2011

An entry to Black n White Wednesdays by Susan

Susan is such a wonderful cook, host to many wonderful events including the famous MLLA event, which has a host lineup longer than one to the latest Michelin rated restaurant :-) I chanced to see her new and exciting event  - Black and White Wednesdays through some of the blogger posts, and was intrigued by the theme. You may check more details here. In my first lineup to her wonderful event, posting some b/w pics from my veggie basket. This series is titled "Curry in a hurry" - because I was doing exactly that-  cooking a curry in a hurry.. and these pics go to Susan's event this wednesday ... Hope you enjoy it as much as I did clicking them - vintage style ..


  1. Beautiful B&W click looks so nice!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Kalyani, and your photo of hurried curry ingredients for BWW. Wish I was around to taste your recipe. : }

  3. @ Susan - you are welcome ! For an authentic Indian meal, do drop in @ my place on your next visit to India :-)


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