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Sugarfree Papaya Apple Ginger Smoothie | Vegan and GF smoothies

The global Skin care market is poised to rise from USD 135 billon to $180 billion as per this link, and the market only seems more and more flooded with quick-acting skin care products.

So, what are these statistics doing on a food blog, you may ask. Well, as much as synthetic and chemical products are ruling the roost for skin care at upmarket supermarkets, beauty lounges and parlours, we have a plethora of natural ingredients , mostly homegrown, to take care of our skin and heal from within. 

Honey, Turmeric, malai (milk cream), curd, rose water, Kasturi Manjal (wild turmeric), Sandalwood etc are proven skin embellishers over hundreds of years. Mythology also has it that princesses and queens alike took bath in scented baths and had elaborate massages to keep their skin glowing. However, the key to blemish free skin is being healthy from within which can be done by keeping the colon and liver toxic free.  The dish today is a step in that direction.

Today, we look at a natural smoothie made with natural ingredients. As a family, we can’t live without hot breakfast (idli / dosa / pongal/ upma/poha) , but we have made a conscious effort to introduce vegan and gluten free smoothies such as these at breaky time (consumed 10~15 mins before breakfast) so the carbs consumption comes down. 

These smoothies are great for after workout too but works best on an empty stomach.  Let’s get to make Sugarfree Vegan and GF Papaya Ginger Apple smoothie. The ginger clears the toxins in the body, papaya is great for blemish free skin as it removes to reduce liver toxins and apple binds them all while providing a mild sweetness to this smoothie.  If you are like us, and want to use Papaya in its natural form, why not try this delicious Homemade Papaya Ginger Jam with absolutely no preservatives.!


Prep time – 5 mins, zero cook, Serves -2 




You would need:

Chilled papaya – 2 cups (240 ml)

Cubed apples – 1/2 cup

Ginger – 1 inch 

Ice cubes – as required.

Lemon juice – add to taste

How to:

Blitz all the ingredients except the lemon juice. Don’t strain. Add the lemon juice and serve immediately.




  • As with most other smoothies I have seen on the blogosphere and otherwise, I don’t add ANY dairy (milk or curd) to the smoothies.
  • I prefer Sugarfree smoothies and don’t add any sugar. One may add stevia or any plant based sugars to sweeten them or add honey if one is not vegan
  • don’t strain any smoothie as the fibre would be lost
  • if serving to kids add a tsp of sugar,but my kids appreciate the sugar free versions, naturally sweetened by the fruits themselves !  



  1. Priya Iyer

    I love the ingredients you have chosen to make this smoothie, and that it is completely sugar free. So pretty and so healthy too!

  2. Apple and papaya great fruits for detox, which in turn bring out the glow on the skin.. healthy and yummy!!

  3. Perfectly made n healthy smoothie for any age. I will have to avoid the ginger but still its something we can include n indulge in.

  4. Poonam Bachhav

    Love the apple papaya combination , paired with ginger and lemon juice, I can imagine how flavorful this smoothie must have tasted. Best part is that it is sugar-free !

  5. Sujata Roy

    Apple papaya both are super food. Nutritious and delicious smoothie. Lemon and ginger will make the smoothie more delicious and flavourful. Lovely share.

  6. Sujata Roy

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Vidya Narayan

    Loved the recipe and addition of ginger in smoothies is really good for the gut too. After all good skin is often an indication of a good digestion system, which is usually ignored.

  8. Mayuri Patel

    Same pinch Kalyani, we both used papaya as our star ingredient. Next will try the smoothie with apple and ginger. Papaya is so healthy and good for the skin.

  9. preethi'scuisine

    This sugar free smoothie looks so inviting.Loved the addition of ginger with apple and papaya.I am sure it tasted delicious.

  10. I love papaya and this smoothie looks too godd. Will make it tomoro morning for my breakfast

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