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Sarson da Saag ~ Mustard Greens in a spicy sauce ~ Punjabi Recipes ~ Side dish for Rotis

Sarson is Punjabi for
Mustard. Saag means a gravy dish made with greens. Mustard is grown abundantly in
the fields of Punjab and that must be the reason why this combo of Sarson da Saag
and Makki di roti is popular there. 

This Gravy is made with a combo of Mustard
leaves (Sarson), Palak (spinach) and Bathua (Chenopodium
Album or Lamb’s Quarters) found abundantly in the winters. I could make this
with the help of my neighbour who taught me an easy but tasty recipe.

Serve it with Makki
do roti or any Indian Flat bread with some salad of radish and onions and you
have a winner thereJ 


Prep time : 15 mins,
cook time : 20 mins, Serves : 4

You would need:

  • Sarson – 2 cups
  • Palak – 1 cup Chopped
  • Bathua – ½ cup
  • Salt – to taste
  • Maize flour – 2 TBSP
  • Hing / Asafoetida – a
    large pinch
  • Red chilli powder – ½
  • Ghee – 2 TBSP
  • Ginger – 1 inch
  • Green chillies- 2 nos
  • Tomatoes – 2
  • Onions medium – 2
Sarson Leaves (Mustard Greens)


  1. In a pressure pan /
    cooker, add the chopped greens, salt, ginger and chillies and pressure cook
    with very little water for 2 whistles. Once the pressure subsides, let the
    greens cool. Pulse them to a smooth paste in a mixer (don’t grind – we don’t want
    it to get pasty and mushy).
  2. In a pan, heat oil /
    ghee. Add asafoetida & grated onions and fry till onions are golden brown,
    add grated tomatoes, red chilli powder, salt (if required as you have added to
    the greens too). Let it cook till oil separates. Now add the pureed greens and
    cover and cook for 8-10 mins till most of the water evaporates.
  3. Keep checking it in
    between to prevent browning. Once the water evaporates and the gravy attains
    the requisite consistency, transfer to a serving bowl and serve with any
    flatbread and Gur (jaggery) for an
    authentic Punjabi mealJ



  1. perfect combo to the makki roti!!! yumm…

  2. vaishali sabnani

    Wow..the saag looks so fresh and delicious…would love to dig in.

  3. MySpicyKitchen

    Saag came out wonderful. We liked this saag a lot. I had to use a substitute for mustard leaves as I could not get them here.

  4. Came to know Saag recipe from this BM recipes..Plan to try this when get mustard leaves..Looks delicious..

  5. I had to grow my own mustard when I made it at home, else its mostly palak..nice recipe!

  6. Love your version of sarson ka saag. Looks perfect.

  7. MMmmm! Looks yum.

  8. Chef Mireille

    Like all the variety of green vegetables u used

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