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Oats Ladoo | Diabetic desserts

One of the key requirements for diabetics is increasing fibre along with reducing fat and sugar intake. Sometimes, the fibre comes from Oats which many people may not prefer in its natural state. Kids too dont like Oats porridge (atleast my kids dont), so I make these Oats Ladoo for both diabetics and kids and its a winner.

Trust you enjoyed the diabetic desserts this week with  2 -min Chocochip Mug Cake & Low Gajar Halwa with Jaggery.

These Ladoos can be made even for festivals or potlucks when you anticipate some diabetics might be visiting so that they can enjoy these guilt free… Remember, moderation is the key :))


Oats Ladoo – Diabetic Sweets – Indian Sweets 

Prep time : 15 mins | Cook time : 15 mins | Makes : 8-10 medium sized ladoos

  • Oats (I used quick cooking, but you can also use Whole Oats) – 1 cup
  • Atta / Wholewheat flour / smooth Chapati flour – 2/3 cup
  • Jaggery (grated fine / powdered) – 2/3 cup**
  • Ghee – 1/3 cup
  • Cardamom – 2 nos
  • Nuts (almonds / raisins) – 1 tsp (opt.)

** this jaggery was for mildly sweet Ladoos, you may increase qty to 1 cup if preferred



  1. Dry roast Oats on very low flame for 3 mins till warm and turns slightly crispy.
  2. Roast the atta in 1 tsp ghee for 2 mins till slightly warm. 
  3. Cool the Oats along with cardamom, powder it fine. Dont sieve it for it will lose its fibre content. 
  4. In a bowl, add the atta, powdered oats and grated jaggery – mix them well with bare hands and let them sit for 5-7 mins. This will release some moisture from the jaggery and you will need less ghee to bind the ladoos – So this is an important step. Use only paagu vellam or dark coloured jaggery rather than dry yellow jaggery in this recipe. 
  5. Meanwhile if using nuts, fry them in 1/2 tsp ghee and add to the above mixture.
  6. Melt ghee thoroughly and add to the oats-atta mixture. 
  7. Mix and quickly take small-medium portions to make ladoos of required size. Its ok if the ladoos aren’t smooth on the surface (If you wait for the ghee to cool down, then the atta-oats mixture needs more ghee). 
  8. If you feel the mixture is too dry, add a tsp or two of warm milk to bind (but this reduces the shelf life drastically and you need to refrigerate the laddoos)
  9. Once made, store in an airtight container (I didn’t use any milk so it stayed on the countertop for 3-4 days in an airtight container).

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  1. vaishali sabnani

    I make oats ladoo quite often but always with sugar..must try this jaggery version..looks wonderful.

  2. Priya Suresh

    Wish you could pack me some, love to munch without any guilt.

  3. www.annapurnaz.in

    very very healthy and delicious ladoos there 🙂 looks so yummy !!

  4. Yummy n healthy ladoos.. nice click 🙂

  5. Smruti Ashar

    Such healthy ladoos and they are so easy to make. Bookmarking this one immediately!

  6. Healthy, nutritious and delicious looking laddoos.

  7. Sandhya Ramakrishnan

    What a nutritious laddoo this is!

  8. I can have these right away..such an healthy option!

  9. Awesome!

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