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New event : Pickles & Preserves Fest, and a giveaway too :)

Come Summer, and hundreds of varieties of jams, pickles & preserves get made in homes. Even with the advent of packaged food, there is nothing to beat that yummy homemade pickle. Handed down with guarded secrecy through the generations, these accompaniments form every part of Indian cuisine – Squash / pickles / jams / jellies / sun dried papadums (or vathals) / marmalades : the list is just endless.. 

And guess what !!! There is a 60-day fest just for these lovelies 🙂  Come, be part of the Great Indian Summer Pickles & Preserves Fest happening @ this space – Sizzling Tastebuds. To enjoy making and sharing those lovely homemade condiments, and the memories that go with it….

What’s more… there is a wonderful giveaway too for one lucky winner…. 

Excited ?? Read on….


To enter your entries, just follow these steps….

1) Fresh entries only (that is, posted between 1st Apr & 31st May on your blog). Any number of fresh entries accepted.

2) Vegetarian and eggless recipes only.

3) Link your post to this announcement along with the logo and just hook your recipe to the linky tool provided at the end of this post. In case of any difficulty, just ping me at – [email protected]

4) Some sample stuff that you could link up (like I said the list is endless) : Pickles / Squash / Jams / Marmalades / sun dried condiments/ Magodi / vadiyaalu / home made papads…..

And, now for the giveaway….


One lucky winner residing in India OR with an Indian shipping address will be chosen randomly. To win yourself this book on Indian Pickles by Tarla Dalal, all you need to do is the following (each one counts as an entry :))

1) Like my FB page 

2) Follow my Twitter posts

3) Connect with me on Networked Blogs

4) Once you link an entry, leave a comment on this post mentioning which is your favourite pickle / jam / squash and why you think you need to win this giveaway (this is mandatory to win the giveaway)

5) Subscribe to posts via Email – enter your email on the subscription box on the left panel of this blog page . Please note only confirmed & valid subscriptions are accepted to be an entry.


1) This is for Indian residents or those who can provide a valid Indian Shipping Address

2) The winner shall be announced in the first week of June after a random pick. I shall write to the winner, and she / he would need to provide a shipping address. In case the winner does not respond within 2 days, another winner shall be notified

3) Please note this is giveaway is NOT sponsored by the author of the book or is any commercial offer, but is solely my personal giveaway.

Looking forward to a deluge of those homemade lovely condiments,




  1. Indian Khana

    Gud event …will try to send in my entry …mine fav is no doubt pickle and ofcoz like your fb page for long now

  2. Lovely event.
    Pickle is an important part of my meal…my food is incomplete without it.
    Though it is difficult for me to make these here in Brazil, I'll try to send some thing for the event.

  3. My favourite pickle is Mango Thokku.

  4. I like strawberry jam and squash.
    I want to try the other types of pickles and jams from the book which I can win from this giveaway. Hope to win.

  5. I love only thokku and manga curry. Nice event. Hope to win the giveaway. Will send the entries. I am following u on FB.

    Saraswathi Iyer

  6. am already following you dear.

  7. cookbookjaleela

    SSSSS lovely event , will try to send some entries..

  8. Amina Creations

    nice event… will send my entries soon…

  9. I have linked my entry.Let me know if this qualify for the event.Its sun dried vahtal

  10. Just linked my entry.

  11. Gayathri Anand

    Thanks for letting me know about the events…will try to send my entries ..

  12. Have linked 2 recipes for the event and more will follow. My favorite pickle is Dried Narthangai…yet i love to try different types of pickles!!! Hope I win the giveaway…Happy hosting!! Following you on FB, Twitter, Networked Blog and subscribed via email!!!

  13. Hi,
    I have linked up my unique Papaya Pickle, hope you will like it..

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  14. A Virtual Vegetarian

    I've added my dry pickle/powder for your event! My all time favorite pickle would the Manglorean wedding pickle…………yummo!

  15. A Virtual Vegetarian

    I've added my Lahsun chutney/podi/dry pickleto your event, however my all time favorite pickle has to be Manglorean wedding pickle.

  16. The Pumpkin Farm

    Hey Kalyani,
    I am doing series of pickles this season hopefully they would be in time for the giveaway. I have found this passion for pickles only offlate and think i have so many more to learn…this makes me deserving to own a book , what say?

    Happy hosting


  17. Swati Sapna

    Hey Kalyani!
    Have liked ur FB page, following u on Twitter, following you on Networked blogs too, and of course, have sent in my funky Gooseberry (Rasbhari) and Thums Up Jam for the event 🙂

    I love pickles and preserves of all kinds, and my favorite are the unusual combos – like pineapple and green pepper, mango with jaggery, pear with cinnamon… love trying out new preserves all the time 🙂

  18. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamins C, A & K. I love Andhra style pickles. The making process has shown here looks delicious. Thank you for sharing a homemade Tomato / Thakkali pickle recipe, will try this weekend.

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