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Monsoon Mojo – a new event announcement…. #MonsoonMojo


Monsoons are officially here in India, at least in the parts that receives its share between June and September.

Monsoon for me brings back memories of Paper Boats made on lazy wet afternoons left sailing in the muddy waters outside our home… of huddling around my grandmom and the kitchen when she fried steaming hot pakoras with various veggies… to my sis, it was about cupping her hands around a hot steaming cup of coffee or tea… ahh !! so simple and romantic…


Rain clouds come floating in, not to muddy my days ahead, but to make me calm, happy and hopeful.” ― Rajuda


What better way for foodies to share and create their favourite monsoon treats – Hot Soups, warming Casseroles, Crunchy bhajias, crunchy popcorn, steaming dals, piping hot filter coffee / tea, baked treats, spicy biryani,  – anything vegetarian / eggless / vegan that you and your family love during the monsoon.

So, join me and the rest of the foodies as we celebrate the Monsoon Mojo for 75 days starting today.. The event runs from 1st July – 15th Sep 2015. 

Whats more ? 

For one lucky winner randomly chosen, there’s a surprise giveaway. The winner shall be announced post the completion of the event.. 

Here’s how to participate:

1) Post your entries between 1st July – 15th Sep 2015 (Pacific time) with monsoon treats as a theme of any dish you would generally associate with monsoon, with a linkback to this event announcement. 

Important: The event is called #MonsoonMojo on the blogosphere – be sure to mention this hashtag in all your post (Title)  to qualify for an entry.. for eg: if you are sending an entry for Onion pakoras, make sure the title of your post says “Onion Pakoras #MonsoonMojo “.  

2) The entries have to be eggless , vegan or vegetarian. Any number of fresh entries per blogger is accepted

3) Max of two archived entries per blogger, updated with this link announcement is allowed.

4) use of the logo is optional in your post, although highly recommended

5) Use the linky code below to link your entries. Please note a link back in your post to this event announcement is mandatory to link up. 

6) If you have any issues / clarifications or you are a non-blogger and still would like to send in your entries, mail me at momchef77(at)gmail(dot)com 

{i.e [email protected]}

Look forward to all your yummy entries.. 





  1. Nice event Kalyani.Will send in my entries :).Happy hosting…

  2. Subha Rajesh

    First time here Kalyani..Loved the blog..Will try to send in my entries for the event too..Pls visit my space when u find time. Feel free to write your suggestions

  3. jeenaskitchenrecipes

    Hi, Visiting ur blog for the first time and really enjoying the dishes…Will join the event sooner…

  4. Mala Thiagu

    Hi, visiting your blog for the first time. Very good Kalyani. Whenever you find time, please visit my one month old blog
    I will, very shortly, send my entry.

  5. Mala Thiagu

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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