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Magic Mingle # 9

Thank you dear members for your enthusiastic response for Magic Mingle # 8. I am sure the challenge of Sesame & Jaggery intrigued you enough to gear up for another challenge of Magic Mingle # 9

For all members who are awaiting the Challenge this month, the magic ingredients are ……

Pumpkins & Chillies


…. Now how exciting could that get !! 

As you are aware from the latest change on MM, the challenge is now open from 1st – 15th of every month now. Only point to note is that all entries need to include the featured magic ingredients as the main ingredients and not as added ingredients / garnish. Rest of the guidelines remain.

Hope you are excited and would link your entries soon.As we are consolidating members’ lists, we shall accept new member additions only from Jan 2013 onwards. 

If you want to join this exciting journey from Jan 2013 onwards, drop me a mail at [email protected] before Sep 10th. 

As you are aware, the Oct & Nov editions would be hosted by Vaishali Pradnya respectively, so do login to their blogs to check the announcements for those months

Important points to note before linking your entries:

1) All dishes to be vegetarian & eggless only (non-veg/ alcohol etc not accepted).

2) Only new entries are accepted and any number of new entries per member are accepted.

3) This dish could be across cuisine(Lebanese/Asian/Mediterranean/Continental/Indian/ Chinese etc) and course (Breakfast/Lunch/snack/appetiser/dessert/Dinner)

4) The 2 magic ingredients should feature as major ingredients in the dish and NOT as garnish. Both the ingredients are to be used in the same dish

5) All the dishes are to have the logo indicated above mandatorily as well as the link to this announcement and the entries need to be linked to the linky tool only. This link is up from 1st – 15th of Sep (end of day in your respective time zones)

6) Once you post & link your entry (using the linky tool at the end of this post) between 1st & 15th of the month,mail the entry URL to the google groups email ID – [email protected] with the subject line “MM- Sep 2012”. 

Note for Ingredients for Sep 2012

  •  Pumpkin can be summer squash (kaddu in Hindi and Parangikai in Tamil) or white pumpkin (In hindi or Marathi its called bhopla, in tamil it is pushanikai). Pumpkin to be used in whole form.
  • Chillies are to be used preferably in fresh and whole form only. Chilli flakes / chilli powder & Cayenne pepper or paprika is also not allowed. Black or white pepper also is not allowed for the challenge

Let the Magic begin….






    So interesting, cant wait to try something new!

  2. Hi Kalyani, sorry for being late, I made two dishes, here is one link

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