Main Course, Millets, One Pot Meals

26 dishes using grains and millets

26 dishes using grains and millets – why?

Grains and millets have been the cornerstone of Indian Cooking, Of course many rice dishes are now replaced with low GI ingridents like Brown Rice / Broken Wheat / Oats/ Millets . Usually eaten as a stand alone One Pot Meal dishes or consumed with a simple raita or a curd based dish.

This is recap from my posts – listed not alphabetically (as was posted) but grain wise and dish type wise. Gluten Free being the common thread across all these 26 dishes, most of them are vegan too (wherever possible!) 

I majorly used four kinds of grains in the marathon : 

  • Everyday / Basmati Rice,  
  • Brown Rice 
  • Lapsi (broken wheat) /Rava (Cream of Corn)/ Oats/ Sabudana  
  • Millets. 

While dishes with Millets and rice alternative definitely will grow more on the blog as we look to replace rice with healthy alternatives in as many dishes we can at home, for now I am very pleased we have made a start and know where to take it from there.   


Hope you enjoy the recap, and thanking all my readers for their kind suggestions and comments !



Let’s start with millets:

clock wise starting from top left, you have :


Under Pulao we have (from top left, clockwise)


Under Biryani, we featured (from top right, clockwise)


Under Fried Rice and Chitranna varieties (from top left, clockwise):


Under Oats/ Rava/ Lapsi/ sabudana, we have:

(featuring clock wise starting from top left)


Under Brown Rice, we have:




  1. Great roundup Kalyani, loved readying all you recipes. Great job, happy to be part of this marathon with you.

  2. vaishali sabnani

    Kalyani, awesome marathon. You have rocked with all your recipes and your sub themes gave us a great variation.
    It was great running the marathon with you and your healthy creations.

  3. Srivalli

    Awesome efforts and all the dishes have turned out so good. Kudos on an excellent roundup Kalyani.

  4. Harini R

    Great recap, Kalyani. I didn't realize that you picked gluten free as a sub theme for this series. Kudos on the success.

  5. Gayathri Kumar

    That is an awesome round up Kalyani. Loved all your healthy recipes with millets and other alternative grains.

  6. Srividhya

    A big thumbs up for completing the marathon. Amazing round-up and thanks for sharing all those healthy and amazing recipes.

  7. cookwithrenu

    Awesome marathon kalyani and a wonderful roundup. I liked the way you have divided the recipes. wonderful collection.

  8. Wonderful medley of dishes for the Marathon Kalyani.. Healthy, nutritious and wholesome. I really like how well you substitute rice with healthy millets and grains. Loved the roundup!!


    Each and every dish is so good Kalyani. I'm confused now from where to start. Will try all one by one. Thanks for sharing ????

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