March 2, 2020

Roasted red bell pepper Hummus | Gluten free and Vegan Dips

Hummus is a versatile gluten free and vegan condiment (primarily originated in the Mediterranean /or middle eastern Cuisine) thats served either as part of an appetiser in a Lebanese Platter or as a stand alone snack. Muhammara - another Middle Eastern dip is also as popular as hummus, as is baba ghanosh - most of these are served with Pita Bread and Baked Falafels 

The variations of hummus is enormous - from the classic to peas to roasted beetroot to roasted carrot with Indian Spices . As I observed in the last two flavours, roasting the veggies adds oomph and flavour to the hummus.

My original plan was to make green goddess hummus with peas , parsley and coriander. But I ran out of all of them (!) - does it ever happen to you that all major ingredients in a recipe run out of stock at the most critical juncture ?

Well, we are huge fans of chickpeas and there’s always a stock of cooked frozen chickpeas In the freezer. So out came the chickpeas and teamed with this roasted bell pepper (see pics below for details), this was the quickest dip I made before rushing off to the dreaded dentist appointment!!

My elder one who’s not a huge fan of hummus (!?) licked the spoon clean and asked for more. I personally don’t like olives so haven’t topped them with that, but I think a few slices of black olives would team very well with these.

A Lebanese Meal platter featured earlier on this blog:

So, tell me what’s your favourite hummus flavour ? I have loads of bookmarked recipes including Mir’s spinach harissa hummus. With the summer scorching Already here, we are sure to be making many more hummus varieties here . Stay tuned and till then enjoy this roasted red bell pepper hummus that goes to #236 Hummus Time with my friends at @FoodieMondayBloghop

Prep time (if chickpeas are ready) - 5 Mins , cook time - Nil


What you need:
Booked chickpea (some people like to use only soaked chickpeas, but I like to
Make hummus with boiled and drain chickpea) - 1 cup
1 medium sized bell pepper 
Salt to taste 
Tahini - 2 tsp (I simply used 2 tsp of roasted sesame seeds with great results) 
Cumin powder -1/2 tsp 
Sumac-1/3 tsp (sub with lemon juice) 
Garlic cloves - 3 large 
Olive oil - 3 tsp + 2 tsp for topping 
Water- 2 tsp or use accordingly 

How to:
Grill or roast the bell pepper. Cool for 5 mins and peel off the charred skin lightly. Cut into cubes (reserve some for topping). 
In a food processor / blender , add the chickpeas, salt, sumac, spices , garlic and pulse till the chickpeas are soft and mushy . 
now add the rest of the ingredients and pulse till you get a creamy consistency of the hummus. 
Top with chopped bell pepper , some more olive oil and serve with crudités. My kids loved it with some Cumin Grissini and veg crudités. 


  1. Even we love chickpeas to the core and love experimenting new flavors with it. Your roasted bell pepper hummus is the one I want to try next as it sounds flavorful to me.

    1. Thank you Poonam - its very flavourful :) do try !

  2. We love hummus, and keep experimenting with different flavours. I like the idea of adding roasted peppers to hummus. Must have made it so flavourful! Love the rich colour of the hummus too. :)

  3. Love the idea of adding roasted peppers to hummus, would add so much unique flavour and texture. Would love to have with some salads.

  4. I love roasted Pepper hummus but don't make it at home as hubby doesn't
    like peppers. I find that it goes so well with the nachos and as a spread for sandwiches.

  5. Wow that is delicious n I love the idea of green peas hummus too, not sure if we will like parsley though.
    I think we will love the red pepper hummus a lot. It is something similar to Muhammara isn't it?

  6. Roasted bell pepper hummus looks so flavorful and delish. I have made it with roasted peppers but not bell pepper.Tastes amazing with Nachos.

  7. Hummus looks so flavorful and delicious. Loved the use of roasted bell peppers. I am sure it will be taste great. I will try your version sometime.

  8. Roasted hummus are always hit for me. The use of red pepper here is a lovely idea to make hummus. Looks to be loaded with much flavor and must be delicious !


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