April 26, 2018

Veg Triple Decker Club Sandwich | How to make Veg Club Sandwich | Street Food

Vegetable Club Sandwich was one sandwich that I first ate when I settled in Mumbai. Till then, eating sandwiches used to happen only at home, and perhaps on weekends when mom needed a break from the usual tiffin-packing and hurried breakfast schedules that dominated our lives.

When I further discovered Mumbai street food, Sandwiches and Dosas are a zillion in combos of fusion with each one of them ranging from the ultra simple to containing elements that you would have thought never could go together, but they do, in a strange kind of way :) {{ PS - think Schezwan Mysore Masala Dosa !! yeah :-)) }}

So, while I wanted to feature Vada Pav (the quintessential Mumbai street food), I figured it was already posted (although the low- cal version). So, here with the Vegetarian Triple Decker Club Sandwich, we move with our Street Food Marathon with Alphabet V.  

 I have omitted serving Coleslaw with this as non of us at home really prefer any Mayo at home. But don’t skimp on the cheese (unless you are vegan) and the potato wafers (unless you are dieting, and therefore no need to eat the sandwich at all :))

Other (Mumbai+) street foods

I used white bread, but you could go with brown or multigrain or pretty much anything else that catches your fancy.  Street food is all about variety and customisation at the same time, so hope you enjoyed the journey here so far :)

Other Sandwiches that may catch your fancy -

Prep time - 15 mins, Grill time - 10 mins ; Serves : 2

White bread - 6 slices
Melted butter - 2 TBSP (or as preferred)
Green Sandwich Chutney - as required
Chaat masala - as needed
Cheese Slices - as needed
Boiled potato slices, Beet slices, Cabbage leaves, Tomato slices, Cucumber slices - all as needed 

To serve with : Potato wafers and / or Coleslaw

Butter the slices well. Apply green chutney on the buttered slices, stack the slices with any order of the veggies and cheese your prefer. Typically Club sandwiches are triple decker with alternating layers of cheese and veggies.
Lightly grease a tava / skillet / grill and grill them till crisp but not too crusty and hard.
Slice diagonally or as required and push in a toothpick to hold the layers together.  

Serve immediately 
 Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 87   


  1. Sooper easy to make and kids love them too !

  2. Wow! this one looks so loaded and yumm. I have never used beets in a sandwich. Must try that sometime.

  3. The Mumbai sandwiches are to die for ! They are overloaded and make such a delicious snack . I love the way these vendors grate cheese .. loads and loads ! You have replicated the sandwich very well and now Mumbai is calling :))

  4. Wow, those layers in between the breads are colorful and inviting !!! Love how simple the recipe is !!! Perfect for quick snack !!!

  5. Cant ask more, this triple decker club sandwich will definitely please anyone's hungry tummy easily with less efforts. Healthy sandwich.

  6. Street sandwich is always yumm.. they have a magic..Beautifully done!!

  7. I love bombay sandwich and made them when I picked the chaat food theme last year. These are so yum and delicious.

  8. This sandwich looks awesome Klayani. With the chutney, cheese and veggies, this must be a delicious treat..

  9. That is such a colorful and filling sandwich. So easy to make too. I can see myself making this as a quick lunch. Good one Kalyani.

  10. Wow.. such a beautiful and delicious recipe.

  11. Interesting to add beetroot to a veggie sandwich. I like sandwiches full of flavors from chutneys and different veggies.

  12. Beet is my favorite for salads and in the triple decker it must have tasted just amazing. Love the combo with crisps.

  13. oh wow such an inviting triple decker sandwich and these looks so tempting kalyani !! The vibrant colors of the sandwich is just calling me..

  14. Ah with those side chips I am sure these veg sandwiches would have tasted great! very good choice!

  15. My boys loved this sandwich when we went to India last year. Love the whole set up and I want to eat some now!

  16. I would love to have it sans cheese and another layer of chutney.

  17. Yes, I have seen so many versions and varieties of sandwiches and dosas as a part of mumbai street food! The sandwiches themselves are so good and with a side of chips, its awesome!!!


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