September 28, 2017

Sugarfree Vegan Oats Nuts Ladoo | Diwali Sweets | Diabetic Recipes

Diabetics are often prohibited from eating sweets. This is tough, especially for those who have a sweet tooth and want to nibble through something mildly sweet. I was always looking to replace the aspartame (artificial sugars) used in "commercially sold sugar free sweets". 

Today's sugar free ladoo fits the bill - proteinicious and filling, yet not adding too many calories and not upsetting the sugar balance. A 1/2-cup serving of old-fashioned oatmeal has 5 grams of protein. 

Like yesterday's Zero cook Nuts Barfi, this is another snack / sweet nibble made with nuts and perfect for an after -workout bite or school snack. 

3 ingredient snack - 
It's proteincious, it's sugar free . it's vegan ! can't get better, don't you think :-)

Read on and find out how it can be made sugar free (Hint-Plant based sweetener)

Prep + Cook time : 10 mins, Making time : 15 mins, makes : 6 ladoos.

Protein source : Nuts and Oats

You need:

Mixed nuts (almonds + pistachios + walnuts) - 1 cup (250 ml)
Pitted Dates (I used mejdool dates) - 2/3 cup paste
Oats - 1/2 cup
Wholewheat flour - 4 TBSP


Dry roast the nuts one by one on a low flame for 30 -45 seconds till warm. Cool and powder while still slightly warm
Grind dates into a paste without adding any water. Use a little more dates to grind in slightly bulk quantity and leave the extra paste in the refrigerator.
Dry roast Oats till slightly warm, Cool and powder. similarly dry roast the atta (wholewheat flour)
Add the Oats powder and the nut-meal. Mix well, add the date paste and quickly make into ladoos. 


1. For younger kids or for a non-vegan version you may add ghee for binding. 
2. Dates may be replaced with any other sweetener including powdered sugar (if using ghee)
3. If you want a GF version of these ladoos, use GF Oats / Oatmeal. 

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  1. The ladoos look awesome , with a little roasted wheat flour they will give us the taste of atta ladoo , and it would taste fantastic . Will try adding wheat flour to my nut ladoos next time .

  2. That's a quick laddo. While dates is not actually a recommended diabetic fruit, taking it along with the rest of the ingredients, makes it friendly. Good one.

  3. Wow, not adding any sugar is awesome. Love these ladoo series of yours. Great

  4. Another healthy sweet from you. This looks sinful !!

  5. Awesome. I have some roasted and sweetened atta that I was trying to make in ladoos. Will add dates to it. Thanks a million for the idea Kalyani now I do not have to eat the atta with a spoon.

  6. Wow, this sugar free and vegan laddoos tempts me a lot, cant wait to make some soon.

  7. Dates are such a versatile sugarfree option. The ladoos tuned out amazing Kalyani.

  8. Interesting take on the date, oats and nuts ladoo by adding roasted atta. Looks yummy. I know if I make it for my hubby whose diabetic, he'll eat the normal mithai and I'll have to finish the diabetic friendly mithai :)

  9. Love the atta laddoo.. we made in large quantity... addition of oats make ladoo more healthy.

  10. Loved this recipe. Sounds damn easy. A must try..


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