September 28, 2015

Bienvenu à paris - Welcome to Paris.. A short travelogue :)

This week we start with Miscellaneous (or Bloggers Choice) for the month long BM Buffet. 

After a lot of deliberation, I chose Travelogue Theme but as a wordless post, which means the picture do the talking !! 

 (apart from this intro of course). 

We were fortunate to visit Paris & another city during the kids' summer vacation (which is technically not in Summer in the rest of the world :D).. 

So today is presenting part 1 of 3 of the travelogue .. stay tuned this week to find out more...

Being a student of French (and thats her favourite subject too), the elder girl was thrilled that she could read most signboards and also guide us with the meaning..

Although the Eiffel Tower and other monuments in the coming posts are popular, this week's posts are special for all (read most) of  the photos have been clicked by the elder girl : she  enjoyed being the family photographer and the husband and I were most relieved to be giving her the camera as we had little one to look after too, and she was running pretty amok in the new city :)

well, thats enough talking. Let the pictures flow :) -

What's on for tomorrow ?? Stay tuned for Part 2 ....

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  1. Elder one has done a pretty good job with the camera. She can soon takeover the photographer of the blog title from you.. :) Beautiful pictures and beautiful city!

  2. wow nice clicks!!! felt like a virtual tour of Paris!!!

  3. wow..lovely clicks !..must say your daughter has done a splendid job..and of course Paris is a beautiful travel destination...its been a while since I visited but you surely revived the memories.

  4. Beautiful clicks, and your kiddo done an awesome job, loved all those clicks.. Well Paris looks more prefect through your third eye Kalyani.

  5. Such a beautiful pictures..enjoyed this virtual tour..thanks to your elder one...

  6. Your daughter needs an applause if she is the one who has taken those pictures. tell her taht she has done an awesome job for her age. :)

  7. Lovely clicks! ! Hugs to your Lil girl for beautiful clicks!

  8. Lovely clicks! ! Hugs to your Lil girl for beautiful clicks!

  9. This is in our travel list. Not sure when we will tick it off. Great pics and thanks for the visual tour

  10. Kudos to your elder one for the amazing clicks Kalyani. You have taken us to paris visually.

  11. You took around Paris with your lovely clicks Kalyani. Beautiful post.

  12. my god EO took those pictures...she is super talented must say...i liked the visual tours and very well sequenced...


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