April 29, 2015

Turkish Pide | Turkish Pizza

As with the Cajun Spiced Aubergines, today too I had a different recipe. But Pavani’s Turkish Pide (Turkish Pizza like bread) was so captivating that I had to make it as soon as I read it. Call me tempestuous or a lady in a hurry, but I keep realizing that this is the only way I can clear my bookmarked recipes …

As always, her pics are stunning and this was no expection. With a homemade-pizza loving family even Little one  loved it. My husband likes eclectic food, and loads of veggies in his pizza and if possible only veggies and no cheese on his pizza . 

This was the perfect fit and the only thing was I made it  , baked it but cudnt have even a bite as I rushed off to class. So there are no final “plated” pics.. But for a runaway success like this, I am sure we will make it more often. What’s more, I added finger millet (Ragi flour) for the first time with wholewheat and it was so tasty J

I divided the dough and had two different toppings – roasted peppers and cheesy tomato and spinach – corn – cheese. Both I was told were polished off the plate. Thanks Pavani for a superb idea and a great recipe J

Baking Marathon Day 25  : Turkish Pide (Turkish Pizza)
Recipe type : Pizza – Italian Cuisine with a Turkish Twist 
Course: Main Course / Snack 
Prep time: 10 mins | Bake time : 18-20 mins

  • Wholewheat flour – 1.5 cups
  • All purpose flour – 0.25 cups
  • Ragi / finger millet flour – 0.3 cups
  • Instant yeast – 1.5 tsp
  • Warm water – 1 cup (adjust to flour type)
  • Salt – to taste
  • Sugar – 1 TBSP
  • Olive Oil – 5 TBSP (divided use) 

1)    Spinach – corn  - cheese topping:
  1. Spinach – ¼ cup – finely chopped
  2. Par Boiled corn – 1/3 cup
  3. Coriander walnut pesto – 2 TBSP (optional)
  4. Mozarella cheese – ½ cup
  5. Salt – to taste (adjust as mozzarella is quite salty)
  6. Black sesame seeds – to top

2)    Roasted Pepper – Tomato Cheese Topping :
  1. Roasted Bell pepper – sliced into juilennes – ½ cup
  2. Cheese –grated – 1/3 cup
  3. Onions – sliced thin – ½ cup
  4. Dried herbs (oregano / basil) – to taste
  5. Chopped Black Olives – few
  6. Tomato slices – 2 to 3 nos
  7. Salt – to taste

  • Sift all three flours with salt. Keep aside. Proof yeast with sugar and warm water. Once done, make a dough adding as much water as required to make a dough.Oil the dough and keep it aside for 1-1.5 hours till doubled. Punch down a bit.
  • Divide dough into 2-3 portions (depending on how big a pizza you need). On a floured surface, roll the portions into a rectangle.
  • With the help of your fingers, fold the edges and the tips to make a boat like structure.  Brush oil on top, cover and let them rise for 30—40 mins more.
  • Now preheat oven towards end of the second rise, place the ‘boats’ gently on the baking sheet (silicone mats are great for this purpose).
  • Mix the toppings without the cheese and keep it ready .
  • Brush the edges with milk if need be (I didn’t do) & sprinkle sesame seeds.
  • Top with the two kind of toppings and cheese, and bake for 15-18 mins.


  1. I made the spinach topping with feta and was delicious. Tomato peppers cheese topping looks equally delicious and very colorful.

  2. Actually am lost with those irresistible toppings.. Well done Kalyani.

  3. wow the options for toppings are awesome.. loving the clicks!!

  4. Wow you made them instantly, good job . The fillings look tempting!

  5. sounds like a great idea to indulge!..very good Kalyani..

  6. Ragi flour in pizza.. wow sounds interesting. bookmarking.

  7. Ragi flour in pizza -- now that is a brilliant idea Kalyani. Your pides look amazing. Thanks for the mention :-)

  8. Those two versions look inviting and the addition of ragi flour is interesting.

  9. The combination of flours is interesting just as the toppings.

  10. Interesting pizza and definitely a healthier substitute in place of plain flour!!

  11. What a lovely substitution of flour! I am learning so much in this baking marathon :)


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