September 23, 2013

Sabbakki Payasa | Javvarisi Payasam | Sago Pearls Kheer | Easy Indian Desserts

Kheer is usually a part of a traditional meal, and I do dish out Vermicilli PayasamPal Payasam, Kadalai Paruppu Pasyasam, Moong Dal Kheer etc but this one eluded me till now.. Sabudana Payasam or Kheer with Sago Pearls is a rare dish in my kitchen, considering that none of us actually like the texture of the Sago Pearls. Contrary to popularity in the city where I live wherepeople have sabudana Khichdi or Sabudana vada almost once a week, somehow the starchy texture and the sticky pearls have been forbidden at home :-))

I did discover however when I made a batch of this Payasam as an offering to God that there was a way around that stickiness - that was to fry them in ghee and then boil it in water and milk to give it a good texture. Although grudgingly, S and kiddo had it, am not sure they liked it. 

I liked the mild sweetness, and although may not make it regualarly, it does give me a quick to make payasam for any festival. Sending this to Alphabet S unde ABC marathon - cant believe we are entering the final week now, with the last 8 posts (7 after today's).

Prep time : 10 mins | Cook time : 15 mins | Serves : 2
Sago Pearls in Creamy sweet Pudding

  • Sago Pearls - 1/2 cup
  • Ghee / Clarified butter - 2 TBSP
  • powdered Sugar - 1/4 cup, heaped
  • Milk - 1 cup
  • Water - 1/2 cup
  • Raisins , Saffron strands and cashews - for garnish
  • Green Cardamom powder - a pinch

1) Frying the pearls is optional, however I recommend it to avoid sticky payasam
2) I generally use powdered sugar in most kheers / payasams as the water content is quickly taken care of, and I dont end up adding more sugar than necessary. But I skip doing this if I am using sugar syrup or condensed milk or jaggery syrup for payasam

Gently heat the ghee. Fry the raisins till plump and the cashews turn golden brown, transfer to a plate. In the remaining ghee, add the sago pearls and fry them for 1-2 mins.  Crush the saffron strands a bit, and soak them in a 1 tsp of warm milk
In a saucepan of boiling water, add the fried sago pearls and boil them till they turn transparent, about 3-4 mins.
Let this stand for a few mins till the pearls gently simmer down off the fire. Drain off any excess water on top, if any. 
Now add boiled milk and gently simmer on a low flame, add Powdered sugar, and keep stirring on very low flame (increasing the heat might curdle the milk) till forms a nice thickish consistency. Tip in the saffron strands & elaichi powder now. Switch off the flame
Garnish with any leftover ghee and the fried raisins and cashews
Serve hot or chilled. 


  1. I'll always drool for a cup of sago payasam,my all time favourite...

  2. ALWAYS I always wonder how it would taste . But that bowl of sago kheer looks delicious !

  3. Your payasam looks well done, but unfortunately, sago kheer is not a favorite of mine. but I love the kichadi!

  4. wow very delicious and yummy payasam :) makes me drool dear !!

  5. Payasam looks so good..I love with sago the best...


  7. this was what mum made for fasting some days, i loved this over the khichdi which often made my system acidic, love the addition of saffron

  8. Very very nice! love the pictures!

  9. very tempting and very festive!! delicious payasam!!


  10. Sago/Sabudana Kheer is a very common sweet in Maharashtrian houses. Once again it is a quick sweet to make and kids love it. Yours is much superior version of course. Love the way you have presented it.

  11. This was on my hate list until the beginning of this month, and mom made it for a festival. Now I love this soo much.wonder why I hated it all along!Yours looks so tempting Kalyani and I wish I had that bowl now :)

  12. Sabakkai payasa nanagu beku...inviting myself over to your place:-)

  13. Love this kheer specially fasting days,..

  14. Even I don't prepare this often. But frying in ghee before cooking looks like a nice idea to improve texture. Mom always made payasam pairing vermicelli and javvarisi. It would taste so nice...

  15. Thanks for the tip on making sago less sticky.. Payasam looks delicious.

  16. sabudana kheer is what I made when Amma went out and we used to steal in the dangerous territory!! I was 7 at that time so I can understand my moms fears but we made and devoured this kheer on a regular basis then.


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