July 2, 2012

Mini Carrot Idlis | Quick breakfast option

There must be a thesaurus to understand what kids want everyday for breakfast. My conversation with kiddo sometimes goes like this (inspite of having a more-or-less mutually agreed timetable for food)

Me : Wake up, its time for school.
Kiddo : Another 5 mins mamma.
Me (after 10 mins) : Wake up now, you would be late for school.
Kiddo : (No response)
Dad : Wake up, baby
Kiddo : But I dont wanna go to school !
Me : (exasperated by now, after 10 -15 mins) : I have made your favourite breakfast, have that and leave.
Kiddo : (Half awake, but still groggy) : What is it ? Hope its not Idli (again!)
Me : Yes, its Idli, but with yummy chutney and sambhar too !!

Kiddo : Eeks, thats worse, I wanna lie down again ! I wanted Molagapudi only with Dosa (and goes off to sleep blissfully)..

If ever faced with such mornings and tantrums, suggest you make these super quick Carrot Idlis with readymade Rava Idli Mix, that you just need to mix and steam and have another variety of healthy breakfast for kids (and fussy family members, too :))

Prep time - 10 mins
Cook time - 8 mins (per batch)
Serves - 2 adults + 1 fussy kid ;)

  • Instant Rava Idly Mix - 1 cup
  • Grated Carrot - 1/2 cup
  • Grated Ginger  + minced chillies - 1/3 tsp
  • Slightly sour yoghurt / curd - 1.5 cups
  • Oil - to grease the Idli plates
Mix all ingredients except oil and leave for 15 mins. 
Grease the mini idli plates and spoon in a small portion of this mixture into the Idli slots.
Steam with adequate cooker in a Idli Steamer / Cooker  for 8 - 10 mins
Serve hot with chutney or sauce for a quick morning breakfast.


  1. Mom's have such a tough life... 3 cheers to all the mom's there!
    Love the quick recipe and have bookmarked it when its time for me to use them!!

  2. i certainly can imagine Ninu in the mornings but i know she d ve been more than happy to bite into these super soft fluffy delights

  3. Those idlis look so cute Kalyani. perfect for lunch box.
    Tickling Palates

  4. lovely idlis kalyani. and nice idea to include carrots. with fussy kids we have to be innovative

  5. gee that conversation looks closer home; nice fun lunchbox dish

  6. Oh yea, I have been facing this for a year now.Try as I might to work out a weekly lunch box menu,it never works.And the wake up thing,don't even want to talk about it!!But on weekends no wake up call needed!
    Anyways, those idlis are so cute and I am definitely trying them out..

  7. Super cocktail idlis..

  8. so cute and tasty looking idlis

  9. Those idlis looks damn cute and healthy.

  10. very delicious n healthy idlis...looks so cute n inviting!!
    Spicy Treats

  11. love the skit - very funny!

  12. Idlis looks just perfect..loved them..

  13. Hi Kalyani....

    Stumbled on your blog while surfing...and so glad i did !!
    I'm a punjabi with a food heart of a south indian.... :D
    I'm married to a south indian who is a foodie !!
    Though ours os a south indian household but my knowledge of south indian dishes is still limited (compared to a south indian's .....though my maa in law thinks I'm more of a south indian than my better half !!)
    I really enjoyed going through your site and surely will keep coming back for various recipes.
    You have a lovely place here...

    Cheers !!

    Gauri Jayaram

  14. @ Gauri - glad to meet you. Thanks for stopping by .. I think I know what you mean when you said "I'm a punjabi with a food heart of a south indian.... :D" LoL ! Food rules the roost in a South Indian home.. Glad you liked the space and hope to have you here often.. Cheers !


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