May 5, 2012

Magic Mingle # 5

Really glad to note we have completed four successful editions of the monthly challenge - Magic Mingle. Thank you members for your support. We enter May 2012 with the challenge ingredients here ! So, are you ready for the challenge ? If you are keen to see what our members have dished in the previous 4 editions, check the following links.

April 2012 -  Raisins & Carrots
March 2012 - Wholewheat & Corn
Feb 2012 - Ginger & Almonds

Lets get to the challenge for this month's edition. We have a 20-member strong team and every month new members are joining us.  If you as a reader want to join us, drop me a line at For all members who are awaiting the Challenge this month, the magic ingredients are ---- Pudina & Paneer (Mint & Cottage Cheese)

Important points to note before linking your entries:
1) All dishes to be vegetarian & eggless only (non-veg/ alcohol etc not accepted).

2) Only new entries are accepted and any number of new entries per member are accepted.

3) This dish could be across cuisine(Lebanese/Asian/Mediterranean/Continental/Indian/ Chinese etc) and course (Breakfast/Lunch/snack/appetiser/dessert/Dinner)

4) The 2 magic ingredients should feature as major ingredients in the dish and NOT as garnish. Both the ingredients are to be used in the same dish

5) All the dishes are to have the logo indicated above mandatorily and the entries need to be linked to the linky tool only. This link is up from 5th May 2012 - 15th May 2012 (end of day in your respective time zones)

6) Once you post & link your entry (using the linky tool at the end of this post) between 5th & 15th of the month,mail the entry URL to the google groups email ID - with the subject line "MM-May 2012". 
7) Please note only member entries are accepted here. Others who are eager to join this group from June 2012 are welcome to write to me at the above email ID or at

Note for Ingredients for MM - May 2012 : 
·         Mint can be used in fresh / dried forms
·         Paneer (Cottage Cheese) can be low fat or full fat. Store bought or home made versions can be used. However, Tofu is not allowed.
·         Please remember these two ingredients must feature as one of the main ingredients  for the SAME DISH and not as garnish. 
Hope you are excited and would link your entries soon.
For all Non-members who would like to be part of this group please do check this link for registration.

Let the Magic begin....



  1. Nice idea. Will send my entries soon

  2. Lovely choice again,cant wait to make some wonderful dishs with this combo.

  3. mmmmm... that sounds like a great combo, paneer and refreshing combo. I will see what I can make :)

  4. nice ingredients
    will try to send some entry

  5. Ahhhhhh....missed this lovely event by two days... :-(

  6. Hi Kalyani,

    Its really great to see 21 different beautiful recipes. Commented on all of them.

    Mine was: Paneer Mint tikka


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