April 1, 2012

Hosting CWS - Oats event all this April here...

Yes, you read it right, friends.After announcing the Pickle & preserves fest & giveaway for April, I am hosting another event for April. 

This is Priya's Cooking With Seeds - and the theme is Oats. I guess there is no prelude that is required for this super healthy grain. Oats is regularly consumed in most homes and us known to lower cholesterol levels as well as being an excellent source of dietary fibre. Be it milkshakes or parathas or even bakes, Oats is finding immense application in most vegan and vegetarian cooking !

So, what are you waiting for ? Link all your vegetarian and eggless recipes here. Right from today - April 1st to April 30th 2012. A quick recap of how you can send your entries:

1) Only fresh entries are allowed
2) All entries have to be linked to this announcement and Priya's announcement too.
3) Usage of logo is mandatory as it helps spread the word.
4) Use the linky tool (at the end of this post) to link your entries. Non bloggers can also send their entries to momchef77@gmail.com
5) All entries can be of any course with Oats as a primary ingredient. They need to be vegetarian and eggless too.

Look forward to a deluge of healthy eats from all you friends :)



  1. Thanks for hosting this. I will post my entry soon. :)

  2. Happy hosting Kalyani..Thanks dear, will send my entries soon..

  3. Happy hosting, nice choice..

  4. Nice event.. soon post here
    Following from now

  5. Nice event
    will try to send some entries.

  6. hey kalyani, the page looks so interesting and appealing now!!!!!gud job!!!!hope to enter ur competitions someday :) happy cooking and allt he best for ur future ventures!!

  7. grt job kalyani!!!!!ur page looks much more interesting than before and very very appealing. keep up the gud job :)

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