November 26, 2011

Moongdal Masala Buns & Oregano Soup Sticks | Step by step recipe

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Some memories stick to you like a Post-it note :-) I remember by dear dear grandpa who used to get these super hot and freshly baked Potato Buns once a week, from the bakery by the time we got from school, and sis n me used to gobble them up like hunger was our prime concern :-) Many years later, i discovered that these things could be baked at home too ! I have adapted my recipe from Aipi's recipe as I gingerly tread into the realm of yeast-based baking : Now each one of us has our tryst with this ingredient called yeast. Yes, baking with it is quite addictive, but you want the result to be exactly to the the way you remember it or seeing it. As I was making it with APF (and was too sceptical about using whoewheat), I have replaced most of the filling of potato with dry cooked moong dal (to know the right dal consistency, check recipe on Moong Dal Seekh Kebab) - it needs to be cooked al dente, but dry. It was very light and filling too. Although here, I was a tad disappointed coz the colour of the buns didnt brown as much as I thought they would, but the verdict from all at home was tres bien (wonderful), and mom who is not too much of a bakery food fan pronounced the Moong dal Masala Buns perfect. 

The next time I make this (which I am sure to), I would increase the sugar a tad more and also may be do the milk wash more diligently, but till then, this is one snack that would never go out of fashion and I am sure you would also like it.. Feel free to play around the ingredients to suit your palate.I used the remaining dough after making the buns to make Oregano soup sticks which went very well with Cauliflower Soup.

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Prep time : 30 mins (excluding rising time). Baking time : 20 mins. 
Makes : 12 medium sized buns and approx  8- 10 bread sticks (aka soup sticks).

  • APF - 2 1/2 cup (a little more for dusting etc.)
  • Sugar - 2 TBSP ( Like I said, I will use a little more next time)
  • Milk - 1 1/2 cup (warm) + 1/2 cup (for brushing)
  • Active dried yeast - 2 1/2 tsp
  • Salt - to taste
  • Sesame seeds - 1 tsp (for topping)

For the filling:

  • Potato - 1 large
  • Radish leaves - 1 cup (finely chopped)
  • Dry Cooked moong dal / green gram - 1 cup
  • carrots - chopped - a handful (blanched)
  • Salt - to taste
  • Dry masalas (each 1 tsp) : Garam Masala, Red chilly powder, Kitchen king masala, Amchur(dry mango powder)
  • Green chillies - 2 or 3 (adjust to taste)
  • Turmeric - 1 tsp
  • Oil - 2 TBSP
  • jeera / Cumin seeds - 1 tsp

Sieve flour with salt. Proof yeast in warm milk and sugar. 

Make a well in the flour and add the yeast, milk and mix well. Knead till elastic. Cover with a film of oil and leave in a bowl untouched for 3 -4 hours ensuring you wrap a kitchen towel or cling wrap over the dough.
Meanwhile, boil and mash potatoes. In a skillet, add oil. splutter cumin. Add onions, mashed potatoes, moong dal, chopped radish leaves,chillies and saute well. Then add the masala powders and the blanched veggies. Mix well. Cool and divide into equal portions.

Once the dough rises, punch it down a little bit and make equal sized roundels. On a floured surface, roll out discs of 4 inches, put one portion of the stuffing and cover from all the ends to seal it. 
Turn over and wash it with milk and place in a greased and floured baking tray. Top with sesame seeds.
Repeat with remaining dough roundels. Keep covered for 45 - 60 mins more till they rise again.
Pre-heat oven to 180 C and bake the buns for 12 - 16 mins till done. Milk wash them in between if required.

For the herbed sticks:
1) Take the dough roundels and slightly roll them out into bread sticks.

2) Apply a mixture of dried herbs (I used Italian / soup seasoning) over them. 
3) Bake for 10- 12 mins till done.

21 Foodie Comments:

Suma Gandlur on November 26, 2011 said...

Love those delectable buns. Those oregano sticks idea is good too.

Torviewtoronto on November 26, 2011 said...

flavours looks wonderful delicious combination

Srivalli on November 26, 2011 said...

Kalyani, those buns are so send them for snacks mela..:)

vidhas on November 26, 2011 said...

Wow!! kalyani yummaicious buns and bread sticks. feel like having right now.

The Pumpkin Farm on November 26, 2011 said...

very well made buns Kalyani, absolutely delicious, cant wait try

Gayathri Kumar on November 26, 2011 said...

Perfectly done. If you give milk wash when you are about to bake them, the buns will colour nicely. As you have done it before proofing, you didn't get the colour..

vaishali sabnani on November 26, 2011 said...

These look really good Kalyani..I am so hesitant with baking breads...must take some motivation from this.

Jaleela on November 26, 2011 said...

very perfect

Radhika on November 26, 2011 said...

Love the filling Kalyani.

Aarthi on November 26, 2011 said...


Treat and Trick on November 26, 2011 said...

Great idea to use moong dal and it looks so yum!

Cool Lassi(e) on November 27, 2011 said...

I have a weakness for stuffed buns! The buns looks awesome!

schmetterlingwords on November 27, 2011 said...

Wow!! Masala buns look absolutely delicious :)

PJ on November 27, 2011 said...

Both look so delicious and I would love to have that masala bun..

veena krishnakumar on November 27, 2011 said...

Kalyani love those oregano bookmarking it

Priya on November 27, 2011 said...

Both looks absolutely awesome and fabulous..loved ur buns and those soup sticks..thanks for sending to CWS..

Archana on November 27, 2011 said...

very delicious buns. Awesome recipe.

Hosting an event which I am calling Back to our Roots Also hosting for Nov’11 Veggie Food for the Month_Raw Banana. Please do send me your entries.

Vardhini on November 27, 2011 said...

Buns look yummy .. thx for linking to the event. (The bake fest link is not working though .. it is pointing to c:\users ... )

Checkout my 200th Post Giveaway
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Event: Dish it Out - Soy and Tomatoes

PriyaVaasu on November 27, 2011 said...

Baking with yeast, i recently had my nightmare!!!! Buns n sticks look super delicious!!!!!

saffronstreaks on November 28, 2011 said...

buns looks perfect and yummy..loved the masala stuffing and oregano sticks

rajani on December 03, 2011 said...

these look fantastic. I love making bread from scratch, but never have had luck in that department :D

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