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Spicy Urulai Podimas | Potato Dry Saute

Potato gotta be the most versatile and favourite veggie on this planet (yes, there are no takers also, but they are definite minority). Today after Cabbage Palya, Brinjal-potato saute, I have another favourite which is most definitely made on most sundays for brunch / lunch at home. Urulai Podimas – or simple potato dry saute. Sending this to Day 3 of BM

This again is made in a zillion ways in households, but this is my family favourite. Goes amazingly well with any Sambhar, Pearl onion Puli kozhambu (tamarind gravy), some roasted papad and steamed rice with a drop of ghee :-)) Heck !! my mouth is already watering, and guess we dont need to wait till Sunday to dish it up. 

We love to dress up Potato in many other curries like Til wale Aloo (sesame crusted potatoes),  Batata Saang, and of course the healthy Potato Roast (another Sunday favourite), Chettinad style  Baby Potatoes, Chutneywale Aloo (baby potatoes in a minty dressing). 

So whats your family’s favourite Potato dish ??


Spicy Urulai Podimas – a tamilnadu style potato curry

Vegan, Potato curry in a south Indian style

Accompaniments : Rasam / Sambhar / Pearl Onion Spicy Gravy (Chinna vengaya Kara Kozhambu)

Prep time : 10 mins, Cook time : 10 mins, serves  : 2


  • Potatoes – firm ones – 200 gms
  • Oil – 1 TBSP
  • Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
  • Hing / asafoetida – a pinch
  • Turmeric – 1/2 tsp
  • Salt – to taste
  • Red chilli powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Pepper powder – 1/2 tsp 
  • Tamarind paste – 1/2 tsp



  1. Wash, scrub the potatoes. Cube them into bite sized pieces. In a pan, heat oil. Splutter mustard seeds and hing. Add potatoes, turmeric and salt. Saute well for 3-4 mins. Sprinkle water, cook covered till done, but has a bite. 
  2. At this stage, you can slightly mash them up, but we like them to have a bite, so we retain them as cubes. 
  3. Add the chilli, pepper powders, and tamarind powders, Saute further for 2 mins
  4. Serve hot.
  5. If (and IF) there are any leftovers, wrap them inside a chapati and enjoy the spicy veg roll 🙂



  1. Delicious looking potatoes!!!

  2. In my family, potato is loved in almost all its forms – podimas, kaara kari, masala for dosas. We are most certainly potato lovers.

  3. Potatoes what a versatile veggie. zillion ways to cook it. Yummy

  4. Priya Suresh

    Wish to enjoy this podimas with hot piping rasam rice..lipsmacking here.

  5. cookingwithsapana

    If there is potato count me in to finish .Looks so yummy.

  6. Varada's Kitchen

    You really cannot go wrong with potato. Works well with all dishes.

  7. My kids would eat this curry with absolutely no complains. One of our household favorite.

  8. Sandhya Ramakrishnan

    Any way you cook a potato, it becomes our favorite. Love the use of tamarind in the recipe. I have never tried using it with potatoes.

  9. Potatoes in any form are welcome. This sounds just as good 🙂

  10. Suma Gandlur

    Never tried adding pepper and tamarind to this style curry. This is an interesting version.

  11. Chef Mireille

    perfect side dish

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