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Rabdi | How to make Rabdi

Rabdi or reduced milk sauce is one of my weakness that I can rarely resist. Although I do pass on the bowl frequently, I must dig into atleast 1 tsp of the thick milky deliciousness that tastes great by itself or as a topping to Jalebi, Malpua, Kulfi, Gulab Jamoon or most deep fried / Frozen Indian sweets.

Rabdi is usually sold in the olden street food galli (or smaller bylines) dotting across India. There are 3 things needed for a great Rabdi – high quality (organic) milk, Lots of love, Lots of patience.  And of course Sugar.

Time is they key to making a good Rabdi, although I have seen and made quick Rabdis with more bread slices (yes!! it works so well :)) and with Condensed milk (not really my preferred way!)

So, this Rabdi – part of the Street Food series- comes to you after a lot of Elbow Grease  (and its worth every minute if you are a Rabdi lover like me :p) Lets get to the recipe.


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          Prep time : 10 mins, Cooking time : 30-40 mins ; Makes : approx 300-400 ml of Rabdi


          • Full fat Cream Milk – 1.25 litres
          • Powdered Sugar – approx 350 gms (I love it mildly sweet) – adjust to taste – Measure after powdering
          • Saffron strands – a generous pinch
          • Malai or heavy cream  – 2 TBSP



          1. Simmer milk till it halves (keep stirring on medium-low flame). Scrape down the cream / malai that forms on the sides.
          2. Once it halves or even turns to 1/3, add the powdered sugar and keep stirring till it thickens and coats the back of a spoon.
          3. Don’t leave the stove unattended at any point. 
          4. Switch off the stove and stir in the malai. Don’t stir. 
          5. Once cool, blend in the saffron strands and malai slowly into the rabid
          6. Serve warm or chilled as is or topped on any Indian Sweet like Jalebi, Malpua, Malai Kulfi, Gulab Jamoon etc.



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          1. vaishali sabnani

            Now this is such a yummy Indian dessert , so versatile ! I love to serve so many sweets with it . You have made the rabadi so well , I too made it for R but when I came across Ratalu Poori , I saved it in my drafts !

          2. hostbazzar

            Great article .couldn't be write much better! keep it up.

          3. Sharmila kingsly

            Simply love this rabdi ,its an incredible Indian dessert ..Looking so rich and creamy!!

          4. Gayathri Kumar

            This one needs a lots of patience but the result it worth all the time spent. Love rabdi to the core..

          5. Looks very tempting. I agree it needs a lot of patience. But the result is totally worth it, right? I have adopted various short cuts as well but the charm of making it the traditional way is a different experience.

          6. Rabdi turned out great !!! Such a versatile recipe, you can pour this over many sweets and make it even more richer !!!

          7. How can you easily pass on this bowl to others? Namakku 1 tsp lam pathadu. 😉 Great pick for R and I am sure its worth the time. 🙂 A bowl full of delicious goodness.

          8. Priya Suresh

            Rabdi looks absolutely luscious and delightful, i can have this dessert at anytime of the day.

          9. I have recently made my first Rabri – authentic version – with all of stirring. But as you said it’s well worth the effort. Your Rabri looks creamy, rich and decadent.

          10. Awesome dish Kalyani, I so loved it when I had made it couple of times..this is a classic one and when paired with other sweets it surely takes it a different notch up!.

          11. Mayuri Patel

            Lovely creamy rabdi… a comforting dessert. The first time I ever saw rabdi being made in huge quantity was when I'd gone with my family to Sreenathji when I was young. We had the hot thick rabdi and it was absolutely yummy.

          12. Such an creamy and lachedar rabdi there !! looks so sinful, and am drooling literally !! Perfect to pair with any Indian sweets, I know it is lot of effort making the rabadi traditional way, kudos to your patience !! yum yumm !!

          13. cookingwithsapana

            So true rabdi does need lots of love and patience along with whole milk. I too love it chilled with jalebi or malpua. Looks just perfect.

          14. Sandhya Ramakrishnan

            This is a great dessert to eat as is and can be served with so many other recipes as well. Looks so creamy and rich!

          15. Suma Gandlur

            Rabri looks so rich and creamy. Perfect one to perk up other sweets.

          16. Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen

            Ohh delicious that is so sinful kalyani! I too can’t resist rabdi!! Too many options to pair it with!! I wouldn’t mind to have it as such hot or cold!! ❤️

          17. preeti garg

            In this BM.. you shared all royal dessert recipes.. Perfect recipe for celebration.

          18. At one point of time, I was so tempted to make a cheats version of this dish using bread slices like u mentioned because of the time the original method takes!You did have a lot of patience when u made this! Super dish Kalyani.

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