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Pudina Chutney podi | Mint Spice powder

the Papaya Ginger Lime Relish, we have a tasty Condiment from Karnataka
state, India. I love chutneypudis (or chutney powders) like my grandmom’s classic version or the Godhi
Chutneypudi (Wheat grains based version)
the more recent flax
seeds version
. Like Molagapudi,
this can also be had with Akki
 / Ragi
 / Sajjige
 (flat breads) or mixed
with rice, which is the more preferred method to consume this.

in all, Pudina Chutneypudi (or podi) is for those who love to pep up their
everyday meals with spice and flavour šŸ™‚ So, lets get cracking. 

# 56 – Buffet on Table, Day 13 – Pudina Chutneypudi (mint spice powder)

: Condiments, Cuisine : Indian, Vegan.

: Spice Powders, Origin : Karnataka (India)

time :
15 mins, cook time : 5-8 mins , Makes :Approx 200 gms of Spice powder

Life :
4-6 weeks under refrigeration in an airtight container

Serving Suggestions : Hot rice with ghee (or sesame oil for a vegan option)



  • Pudina (fresh mint leaves) – packed 1.5 cups – cleaned, sorted, washed and
    drained on a paper towel for 10 mins **
  • Urad
    Dal (split black gram) – 1 cup
  • Dry
    copra (Kobbari) – grated – 1/4 cup
  • Red
    chillies (dry) – 6 to 8 (adjust spice)
  • Hing
    / asafoetida – a generous pinch (about 1/4 tsp)
  • Tamarind
    – a small roundel (about 20 gms)
  • Jaggery
    – slightly more than the tamarind
  • Salt
    – to taste , about 3/4 tsp
  • Oil
    – 3 TBSP 

you can also use dried mint (made at home or store bought. In that case, dont
fry it in oil, but use 1/2 the quantity  – about 4 to 5 TBSP with the rest
of the ingredients, and follow the rest of the procedure. The taste will differ
a lot if dried mint is used – it also may get bitter soon).


to make:

  1. Dry
    roast the grated dry copra without any oil for 1-2 mins till just warm.,
    transfer to a dry plate
  2. In
    a pan,heat 2 TBSP oil. Fry the urad dal and chillies on a medium flame till
    the dal turns golden brown (you may remove the chillies after 1-2 minutes else
    they would be burnt). Transfer to a plate. 
  3. In
    the remaining oil, fry tamarind till it turns a little crisp (tamarind paste is
    not preferred for this recipe). Transfer to the same plate.
  4. Add
    the remaining oil, add the drained and almost dry pudina and toss it in the oil
    till they shrivel and all moisture is out and it dries up almost. Cool both dal
    mixture and sauteed pudina.
  5. First
    in a spice blender, grind the dal mixture coarsely (just pulse it for a few
    seconds). Now add the cooled and sauteed mint leaves, and blitx once more.
    Better still, add the mint leaves in 1-2 batches so that they are unfirmly
  6. Now
    add the tamarind, salt, jaggery, asafoetida , dry copra and blitz it one fine time. Dont
    over do as the copra will leave oil and you would have a messy chutney. 
  7. Adjust
    salt and seasonings once you take out the spice powder. Cool and store
    immediately in a glass airtight container. 
  8. Use
    a dry spoon at every use for longer shelf life



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