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Cucumber Sprouts Salad | Easy Diabetic recipes | Salads

This week at Blogging Marathon
we are headed for some diabetic friendly / healthy eats. First of this is a
salad. Basically a no-brainer recipe, this can be made ahead and served as part
of a potluck or even had thrice / four times a week. We have it at least twice
every week. 

One neednt be a diabetic to
indulge in healthy food, right ? 🙂

Basically for diabetics, the diet needs to be rich
in  soluble fibre and fats – sugar – carb combo to a minimum. Proteins can
be indulged in twice a week. Millets are
most welcome to be included in place of rice or wheat. Some other diabetic
recipes include….


Karela Chips

potato and Chickpea Vegan Salad


Channa Sundal

Wholewheat Tortilla Chips

Wheat (bulgur wheat) Idli

and many more…. 

So lets check out the recipe…

Prep time : 10 mins, zero cook , Serves : 2


  • Cucumber – 1 medium (I used English cucumbers)
  • Green Moong sprouts – 1/2
    cup (you can use any sprouts)
  • Salt and pepper – to taste
  • Coconut grated – 1/2 TBSP
  • Lemon juice – 1/2 tsp 
  • Tempering (Optional) : Oil
    1/2 tsp, green chillies 2, 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, Coriander leaves


How to make:

  1. Wash, peel and Chop cuucmber into fine bits. Mix in
    raw sprouts (you can blanch them for 2 mins also and add them in). 
  2. Just before serving, add the salt, pepper and lemon
    juice. Mix well
  3. If tempering, splutter mustard seeds, green
    chillies and coriander leaves. Add to the salad
  4. Finish with grated coconut and serve immediately.



  1. coconut chutney

    Such an easy salad,yum:-)

  2. simple and healthy…

  3. Suma Gandlur

    A healthy choice indeed. Lovely idea to replace moong dal with spouts in kosumbari.

  4. Such a nutritious and delicious salad.

  5. Nalini's Kitchen

    Simple yet quite filling and healthy salad..

  6. cookingwithsapana

    Sprouts and cucumber salad is very healthy Kalyani.

  7. Priya Suresh

    My kind of salad, quite a fantastic crunchy salad.

  8. Gayathri Kumar

    What a healthy nutritious salad..

  9. Sprouts kosambari an interesting variation

  10. A heathy nutritious salad !

  11. Chef Mireille

    what a simple and healthy salad

  12. Varada's Kitchen

    A healthy and nutritious salad

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