March 9, 2020

Soya Seekh Kebab - How to make Vegetarian Seekh Kebab | Video Recipe

While running through the list of options to make this Holi, I narrowed it to Thandai and a seekh kebab. With the elder girl still writing her boards, and the Corona Virus striking hard on all events and hospitality - tourism sector , any celebrations even in our own residential complex was ruled out. 

Holi is festival that marks the arrival of spring/ summer (although where I live, there’s not too much distinction). Holi is also of eats that are cooling in nature, light, airy and perfect for the weather, some of them like Gujiya and Malpua also relished deep fried as part of the celebrations. 

Holi parties (when held with fervour) are an excuse to eat , drink and celebrate. Although we have a muted Holi this gear, you can make this Kebab even for Iftar / Diwali parties or pretty much any potluck / house parties you host through the year. 

While reading a bit about seekh kebabs, I came across this wonderful article which talks about how Seekh kebabs in particular came to be about:

“The story goes like this. Seekh Kebab, originally known as Shish Kebab was introduced to us by the Turks. *Bubble burst*! In Turkish, Shish actually means a “sword” or skewer and Kebab means “to roast”.Legend has it that Shish Kebab was first originated on the open field as the Turkish soldiers would take shelter in the forests during night time and hunt for any wild meat that they could find. They would then skewer it on their sword and roast it.This method was used by Turkish tribes during the war as they pushed west from their homeland in Central Asia while they first invaded Anatolia.Also, in the Arab world, the same preparation is called Shish Kabab or Lahm Mishwy (grilled meat). The true Shish Kebabs are pieces of marinated lamb affixed to flat or four-sided bladed metal skewers. These are grilled over a fire suspended by a skewer holder, without the meat ever touching the grilling grate.”

 The ingredients are given here, pls do check out the video embedded below for the method: 


It does take a bit of prep work, but like all kebabs , the result is DELICIOUS ! As a family, we love kebabs, so if you do too, check out the various (vegetarian) kebab option on this blog.

Soya Seekh Kebab-  Gluten Free, Vegan
Spice level - medium high
Course : Appetiser / Snack / starter

Prep work - 40 mins, cook time - 10 Mins, makes - 12 .

What you need:
Medium Soya chunks - 150 grams
Hot water - 3 cups
Oil - 2 tsp + 4-5 tsp required to shallow fry 
Boiled potatoes - 3 large 
Ginger garlic paste - 1 tbsp
Chopped mint and coriander - 2 tbsp each 
Green chillies - 2 to 2 
Lemon juice - 1.5 tsp 
chat masala - to garnish 

Dry spice powders :
Roasted Jeera powder (bhuna jeera) - 2 tsp 
Garam masala - 1 Tbsp
Amchur (dry mango powder) -1 tbsp
Clove - cardamom powder (made with 3-4 cloves + 2 cardamoms) : pounded well
Turmeric - 1 tsp 
Red chilli powder - 1 tsp 
Salt - to taste 

This recipe is part of the #HolionMyPlate theme that we have dished for #FoodieMondayBlogHop


  1. I love the gusto with which you are making videos. Must take some tips from you. As for history of shish kabab Thanks. I love it. Though I do not enjoy the non-veg shish kababs these sound yummy. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Archana - just starting to get the hang of making videos ! I have my elder one to thank for both the inspiration and the push ! These are indeed yummy - hope you like it when u make it..

  2. This one is a wonderful recipe of vegetarian kebabs.. Loved the nicely explained video.. interesting info on the history of Shish(seekh) kebabs

    1. Thank you for watching the video too, Swati ! glad you liked the recipe ..

  3. The Soya Seekh Kabab looks brilliant! A great way to get protein into one's system, especially for vegetarians. Pass me that platter, please!

    1. Thanks Priya ! yes, a great way to get protein in for vegetarians. Come over and I'll make it for u..

  4. Veg soya Kabab looks awesome. I also made soya Kabab but that was shami kabab. These seekh Kabab looks healthy and superbly delicious. Protein rich Kabab are great for kids and adults both. Also loved the video.

    1. Thank you, Sujata ! the kebabs are indeed delicious :)

  5. Loved reading every bit of this post especially the history of kebabs. They look so soft and succulent. Kudos to you for making videos. A delicious treat anytime .

    1. glad you liked that read... and the video too Preethi ! yes the kebabs are very fillign and delish

  6. Interesting to read about the history of seekh kabab. Would love to enjoy this delicious kabab with some mint chutney. Detailed video

    1. oh yes they go very well with the mint chutney , Renu !

  7. Kalyani, I'm not a huge fan of soya chunks or granules but if its going to be served in the form of super tempting kebabs then all I can say is "bring it on,". Such a lovely treat, though you had to celebrate it alone with your family.

    1. me too Mayuri - the soya chunks biryani and these kebabs are only two dishes I make with Soya chunks - and these turned out brilliant. next time pls do join me for the treat :)

  8. I am bookmarking this recipe as I always wanted to try out veg soy kebabs and your recipe sounds easy to follow. Lovely video !

  9. Such a details description to make those yum looking kebabs from soya chunks ! I simply drooling at your pics and wanna pick right away ;)


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