September 15, 2017

Vegetarian Shammi Kebabs | GF and Vegan snack

Continuing with my love for Kebabs,we have Vegetarian Shammi Kebabs today. I read today's recipe in a cookbook where it used vegetarian replacements for non veg ingredients that usually make up Nawabi or tandoori cuisine. This was a great hit at my house. My elder one who's into a lot of spicy food loved it, and asked for a second helping. I think more than spicy food, she's fond of the Green coriander-mint chutney and Lemons that accompany kebabs ! And oh, she can even have curd rice with Lemons (I am not kidding!)  

As a family, we are fond of kebabs and tikki and mostly other tandoori vegetarian appetizers. One of our favorite restaurants is barbeque nation where they serve scrumptious appetizers and you can hardly make space for the buffet thereafter. 

Let's see how to make vegetarian Shammi kebabs. Lamb / Mince is used generally but we had the same consistency and texture with Kala Channa dal ( the key protein ingredients for today's dish). Shallow frying of course added to the texture and we are sure to make this many more times for potlucks or parties alike.

Some more varieties of Kebabs:

I used presoaked and cooked chickpeas. So the time given below is adequate. However if you are soaking and then using them then factor in the soak n cook time to the prep work.  

Vegetarian Shammi Kebabs - Gluten Free and Vegan Snack
Prep time : 30 mins ; Cook time : 15 mins : Serves : 3

Cooked chickpeas/ Kala Channa - 1 cup - slightly ground to a thickish paste
Salt - to taste 
Ginger n chilly paste - 1 tsp
Breadcrumbs - 1/2 cup (use powdered GF oats in place of bread crumbs for a totally GF version)
cornflour - 1 tbsp
Dried mint powder - 1/2 tsp
Oil - 6 TBSP (the quantity will vary accordingly if your deep fry or bake)
Clove powder - ½ tsp
Minced Onions - 1/2 cup
Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp, Red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Boiled potatoes - 2 medium (grated)

Mix all ingredients except oil and make tikki / kebabs of your shape n choice
Refrigerate for 15 mins
Grease a shallow frying pan, and fry till golden brown and crispy on both sides 
For a totally gluten free version powder GF oats or any gf grain and use in place of the breadcrumbs 
Serve hot with green chutney or Tomato sauce 

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  1. We are also a kebab loving family and kala channa Kebabs taste awesome . I do not use onions , tell me don't the minced onions ooze out water .. .
    I understand your eo 'a love for spicy food , even my grand daughter wants spicy food , it's their age , anyway who would say no to such delicious Kebabs !

    1. No Vaishali, they don't ooze water. I add onions and salt at the end. Also refrigerating the kebabs before pan frying them sucks away any remaining moisture

  2. I have used dals in kebabs but have never tried with kala channa. These kebabs look amazing and yes, the chutney and lemon wedges make it more inviting..

  3. I love shammi kebabs, these are so sinful and addictive kalyani..

  4. Such a delicious and mouthwatering kebabs there, cant ask more, serve me some please.

  5. Mmm this will go well with lot for her school tiffin. In fact she will want it all day long n will go to buy poli just so she can have her lunch n dinner.

  6. Perfect for munching along with chai.. They have come out perfect!!

  7. Vegetarian version of shammi kebab looks awesome Kalyaani.We do love kebabs a lot.My kids love Barbecue Nation.

  8. U would laugh, I havent made any kebabs at home yet. Yours is tempting me a lot. Need to try it out soon.

  9. The kebabs look good and I am glad the kids liked it. Their approval definitely makes a lot of difference to us, right?

  10. Kids usually love such fun food, kebabs, tikkis, cutlets etc. However in all these you can actually add any veggie and the kids would happily gobble it all up.

  11. i have been looking for kebabs with channa. This recipe is for me. Bookmarked!! - Anlet Prince ( )

  12. Those kebabs look so succulent. Love your kebab collection and this one totally rocks. Am a fan of BBQ Nation too!

  13. Veg shammi kebabs are my favourite and adding kala Chana makes them more healthy.

  14. Very healthy shammi kebabs. These kebabs look so succulent.


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