April 28, 2016

Xtra Special Saapadu l Festival Meal | Meal Ideas

As part of the Tamil cuisine series on  JTTC (Journey Through the Cuisines) this month, we enter alphabet X today. Obviously, no Tamil ingredient starts from X (or Z in the next two days), so I need to use the English Alphabet.

And so, here it is : Xtra Special Festival meal.

Why is it special ?

For the following reasons -
  • It was a meal cooked by both husband and me together for the first time - for the Ugadi festival feast earlier this month . He helped me prep, chop and cooked along with me. So its Xtra Special :D - It also gave me an opportunity to make Ulundorai for the blog specially :))
  • Start (including prep) to finish time was 45 mins flat
  • Its also satvik and entirely onion-garlic free
  • Entire meal was cooked in just 4 TBSP of oil
  • It contains one new dish which is a favourite with both hubby and me - Ulundogorai
  • Also special coz my elder one clicked most of the pics (after the Naivedyam / offering was done to God)
  • My little one ate the fryums and said "amma very nice mammam (food)" :D
  • And yes, this is a no-recipe post with just one new recipe post of Ulundogorai in a separate post :)

I didnt need any more reason to make it xtra special.. So enjoy the treat !

Featured below, clockwise:

1) Ulundogorai (Urad dal spiced rice) - recipe here
2) Tomato Rasam
3) Avial
4) Fryums / Arisi Vadam / Vathal
5) Steamed Rice
6) Manga Pachadi (raw mango tangy gravy)
7) Elai Paruppu (Toor dal cooked and a pinch of turmeric & added)

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  1. That is indeed a special meal for so many reasons!! I am drooling over that festive meal.

  2. The involvement of family makes cooking extra special ial, I agree. The meal really looks festive.

  3. Definitely a special meal, your platter makes me hungry Kalyani. Especially that urad dal rice.

  4. Great spread.. definitely extra special meal.

  5. That is indeed an xtra special spread Kalyani. Looks yum..

  6. Lovely spread, definitely an extra special festival meal.:)

  7. I like your xtra special reason list , the best being couple cooking 😀

  8. That is one special thali .All the dishes are so tasty looking .

  9. Yes, this is indeed an 'xtra' special post Kalyani. The whole thali looks inviting and delicious.

  10. When the whole family pitches in, it cannot be anything but super extra special. Loved the platter. Simple and homey.

  11. Lovely pick for X. The platter is surely xtra special! Wonderful share :)

  12. aww ....indeed xtra special ....i know how these moments feel and how special they are in our lives...bless you many more such xtra special days


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